If you are here reading this post between Wednesday, May 4th and Sunday, May 8th then then this may be your lucky day.

The contest is now closed. Submission entry links have been disabled. The winner will be notified as soon as my judge reads all entries.

You have the ability to win a Lenovo All-In-One m90z PC. This contest is made possible to my readers by Lenovo and Ivy Worldwide. (a big thank you going out to them)

My son and I have been using the Lenovo All-in-One m90z PC since the end of November. (I’m not giving my personal one away, the winner will receive a brand, spanking new unit).

Since my initial thoughts post I unfortunately had to do a system restore due to some malware our machine contracted from something my son downloaded. The process was incredibly easy and surprisingly quick as well. Thumbs up to Lenovo for making this easy to perform.

You probably want to know how to enter and if you are eligible s0 enough of my babbling. You can read my initial thoughts on the unit here if you are so inclined.

Who is Eligible to Enter the Contest

  • Anyone in the World with a shipping address

How to Enter to Win

  • Fill out this form with the reason why you think you should win – anything goes (except don’t write something such as “Pick me” or “I want to win”). Put some thought into explaining how winning this computer will help improve your business, processes, family life, etc. Maybe if you won you’d give it to your favorite non-profit organization or the mom next door who is struggling to get her dream business off of the ground.
  • I will need your email address but it will only be used in the event you win. I promise you will not be added to any mailing lists and the information will not be sold or provided to anyone else.

Who Will Judge the Entries

  • A third party (meaning – not me). If there are numerous ones that make a final choice difficult then those will be entered into a free random name selector.

Start and End Times

  • Starts at 12:00 am on Wednesday, May 4th EST
  • Ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday, May 8th EST
  • All submitted entries are timestamped on the submission form to late entries will not be considered

Don’t want to enter?

  • Though I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to enter….I know it’s possible. Would you consider sharing this post on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? Click here to tweet.

Want to Increase Your Chances of Winning?

Below is a list of websites that are also accepting entries to give away a free computer on or after May 4th. Please be sure to carefully review individual entry requirements as we were all given leeway on how to structure our contests. There were additional names on the list but those contests have been closed. To see a full list of participants you can click here.

Lenovo M90z Participants

Site Start End Date
A GeekyMomma’s Blog May 1 May 5
Marsha Collier’s Musings May 2 May 6
VA Networking May 3 May 7
Thrive Business Accounting May 4 May 8
Jake Ludington’s Media Blab May 5 May 9
Mobile PC World May 6 May 10
Dangerously Irrelevant May 7 May 11
Bud the Teacher May 8 May 12
Kikolani May 9 May 13
Geeks To Go May 10 May 14
Chad Lehman.com May 11 May 15