Worried Your Books Are All Ducked Up?

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Listen, I get it. You’re not *quite* ready to hire some random experts from the Internet to help out with your bookkeeping. That’s totally fair.

Luckily, you can still use our simple, step-by-step Getting Your Ducks in a Row Before Tax Time Ebook to help you get your books ready for tax time — all on your own.

In just 11 pages, I’ll show you how to take action to protect your business from costly mistakes.

Because whether or not you’ve hired a delightfully detail-oriented, friendly, on-top-of-her-schnitzel bookkeeper to audit your books, errors can happen in every business’ books. And when tax time rolls around, those little whoopsies might turn into whopping problems.

Tax preparers often receive financial reports with major errors that can cost businesses thousands of dollars. And contrary to what you might think, it’s not your tax preparer’s job to find those errors! 😱

Review your books before tax season to find errors, fix ‘em, and save yourself some cash. (Not to mention you’ll sidestep the time-gobbling headache of dealing with the IRS, who still send mail via Pony Express…).

With our proven step-by-step method for how to self-audit your books, verifying your accurate financial records has never been easier.

You’ll get checklists, instructions, & even step-by-step screenshots showing you how to check your financial entries for accuracy

What’s Inside?

  • Checklist of everything you’ll need to gather before you get started
  • How to self-audit your Reconciliation Summary & Reconciliation by Account
  • What to look for in your yearly Profit & Loss Report
  • How to verify the most important lines on your Balance Sheet
  • BONUS: 6 miscellaneous items to confirm on your Balance Sheet

Did You Know?

Your tax preparer isn’t responsible for your books.

Tax preparers rely on YOUR accurate reports in order to do THEIR part of the job properly (AKA filing your tax return).

By following our step-by-step review, you can:

🤑Save money (potentially thousands of dollars) — Pretty dang good for a free ebook, if we do say so ourselves.

😍Reduce your tax liability — Keep more of your hard-earned money!

⏳Save time & panic during tax season — Your tax preparer might just send over a basket of thank-you muffins.

😱Lower your chances of being flagged for a full-scale IRS audit — Who are we kidding? THIS is what matters most!

Give yourself peace of mind & possibly save thousands of dollars by downloading your FREE guide now!

Do the words “Accrual Basis” make you break out in a cold sweat?

If you know your books need a checkup, but you’d rather squat on a porcupine than spend a few hours reviewing transactions, we’ve got good news.

You can hire us to do it for you! (The business bookkeeping audit, not the porcupine-squatting.)

Our 25-point Deep Dive Audit checks for bookkeeping boo-boos you missed — from common mistakes to stuff you haven’t even thought of

Meet Michelle Mangen, author of the eBook and founder of Thrive Business Accounting

A QuickBooks ProAdvisor with over 20 years of experience in various accounting positions, Michelle Mangen prides herself on treating her clients’ businesses as though they were her own. As the CEO and founder of Thrive Business Accounting — a virtual bookkeeping company — she knows the struggles and challenges you face while preparing for tax season.

After working extensively with financial software platforms, she found more efficient ways to navigate bookkeeping tasks, and developed her own signature process for reviewing your books. She created this free eBook to teach you tips and tricks that will save you time — and sanity — when it comes to bookkeeping.

Since starting her business in 2008, Michelle has saved her clients thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars. She discovered $58,195 in missed billings in a single client audit, and regularly finds opportunities to cut out or renegotiate extra fees that add up to hundreds of dollars in savings per year. Learn more about what Michelle can do.