“Bookkeeper? I don’t even know ‘er!”

Meet Michelle: QuickBooks Online whiz, travel lover, horse person (not literally)

Bookkeeping makes your life easier. Like, a lot easier.

And working with Thrive makes your bookkeeping easier. (For those keeping score, your life just got 2x easier. 🙌)

Thrive Business Accounting is led by Michelle Mangen, detail-obsessed numbers maven and financial right hand to successful service business owners.

We support coaches, consultants, digital product and membership sellers, and other small business owners. Essentially, if you sell high-ticket services or products, accept payments from multiple sources, and you’re just done handling the ins and outs of your bookkeeping…Thrive can help.

Maybe you’re done on a cognitive level: “I don’t know how to reconcile these statements.” Maybe you’re done on a productivity level: “I don’t have time to run these product sales reports!” Or maybe you’re done on an emotional level: “If I have to manually re-categorize one more credit card expense, I will break things.”

No matter what made you feel DONE with your bookkeeping, we can help.

Thrive can take these things off your plate on a reliable monthly basis:

  • Pulling and entering data from monthly Infusionsoft, Stripe, and/or PayPal reports — No more “All my payments are in different buckets” woes
  • Reconciling PayPal, checking accounts, and credit card statements — And then promptly bringing any discrepancies to your attention so we can fix ‘em
  • Reporting sales by customer — So you know who your highest-value clients are
  • Invoicing your clients and customers — Let’s get you paid
  • And more! What do you need to know from your business’ books?

We work only with business owners who use QuickBooks Online. If you don’t use QBO yet, we’d be delighted to help set you up (and get you a discount). After that, we’ll maintain your books on a monthly basis, so you can spend more time creating, selling, or just sipping a gin + tonic on the back porch.

Bookkeeping isn’t exactly magic, but we’re all grownups here. We’d rather have someone handle our account reconciliations than pull a bouquet of flowers out of a hat for us — and we’re guessing you would, too.

“I was paying more to my accountant to do far less.”

The accounting was disorganized, largely based on memory. Michelle discovered I was missing some client invoices. Based on her incredible focus and productivity, she’s a bargain. I was paying more to my accountant to do far less.

I don’t worry about the accounting now, I know it’s being done right, my accountant is 100% happy with the work, and much of the day-to-day details are now out of my hands so I can focus on what I enjoy, am good at, and can bill clients for. Best business decision I made in 2018. She’s amazing.


Executive Coach and Team Optimizer

Who we serve:

  • Small business owners — Got a small salaried team, and need to add reliable outsourced bookkeeping to your support staff? That’s us.
  • Solopreneurs — If it’s just you doing All The Things, managing your accounts, expenses, reconciliation, etc. is probably not something you want to be thinking about.
  • Coaches and consultants — Want to gather all the payment sources for your high-ticket services, programs, or memberships so you can see revenue and fees at a glance? Yes indeed.
  • You — If digging into your bookkeeping back-end sounds about as exciting as sitting through one of those condo timeshare presentations.

How exactly we’ll start slapping your books into shape

Every client we take on needs something a little different, which is why we’ll put together a custom bookkeeping package for your business.

In general, Thrive Business Accounting engagements tend to start like this:

STEP 1:  You make the wise choice to outsource the agony & ecstasy of running your numbers.

STEP 2:  A trusted friend or colleague refers you to Thrive. (Well done, trusted friend.)

STEP 3:  We hit it off on a video call. You share all the specific issues you have with bookkeeping, accounting, and just generally keeping your business’ financial head on straight — and we share how we can help.

“It feels like I have much more than just a bookkeeper.”

I have loved working with Michelle and Jen. They are always thinking one step ahead when it comes to tax-related items, and making sure as a busy solo business owner, I do not let anything slip through the cracks. As I have asked them to update reporting or give more detail, they always do so immediately. Not only do I trust them, but I also love working with them. It feels like I have much more than just a bookkeeper, but rather someone who is really invested in my business and what is best for it.


Chief of Community Happiness

Keeping your books in order & your info safe since 2008

The Thrive team loves technology. We’re all about making your financial accounts and various software subscriptions talk to each other — which means less manual data-pulling AND less hair-pulling.

While we’ll happily geek out with you over all the amazing ways tech integrations can make your life easier, a subscription to QuickBooks Online is all the tech you really need to outsource your bookkeeping.

If you’re already set up with QuickBooks Online, perfect! Add Thrive as a user, and we’ll get right to work.

Planning to switch to QBO? We’ll help you set up your account (and even toss you a discount).

Tech makes it even easier for your bookkeeping work to get done — without you having to do it.

More about the Thrive Team

Michelle, Founder + Lead Bookkeeper

Meet Michelle, captain of the Thrive Steamboat (which is actually not a boat, but is, in fact, a tightly run ship). She’s worked in bookkeeping since 1995, and started taking on her own clients in 2008 when she realized she could build systems way more efficiently than most people.

When she’s not translating boring financial jargon into plain English for Thrive clients, you can find Michelle trekking around the nearest waterfall, reading historical nonfiction, or dreaming up ways to shave a few seconds off repeatable tasks.

Jen, Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

Jen joined Thrive in 2014. Her obsession with organization borders on the fanatical (if you want proof, just ask for a photo of her sock drawer!). Along with handling day-to-day financials for several of Thrive’s longest-running clients, she loves taking care of the mundane details that most business owners dread. She lives in Illinois, and has somehow never eaten a peach.

“We’ve worked with Michelle and Jen for over 10 years, and they are simply a part of our team.”

They handle everything we’ve contracted them to do without us giving it a thought. When they come across something we need to pay attention to, we can count on them to point it out or handle it. We’ve referred them often.


Marketing Consultant