I’m one of the many individuals who were selected by Ivy Worldwide to test the Lenovo All-in-One PC M90z unit. Suggested retail is approximately $1,200.

I’ve been working with mine in a small business setting since the end of November. You can read my initial thoughts about the unit here. Want some really in-depth information? Download this PDF.

As part of this program each person working with Ivy Worldwide has been given a unit to give away. Each of us has the ability to set up our contest as we deem fit. To all of you who weighed in on my survey regarding running contests I really appreciate it. There were some funny answers and insights I had not considered.

The contests have begun (listed below). My contest period will be May 4th through 8th. Don’t want to miss it? Consider signing up for my Weekly Wednesday (right sidebar) – each Wednesday you will get all blog posts I’ve written for the previous week. You can also add my RSS feed to your reader.

You can enter as many of the contests that you qualify for (remember we each have the ability to set our own rules). Be sure to read entry requirements carefully.  I hope to see you back here between May 4-8, 2011 to enter my contest.

Lenovo M90z Participants

Site Start End Date
Free Tech 4 Teachers Apr 14 Apr 18
Ilja Coolen \ ICSS Apr 15 Apr 19
Physician Mom Apr 16 Apr 20
Scrubd In Apr 17 Apr 21
Kathy Schrock’s Kaffeeklatsch Apr 18 Apr 22
Steve Harg
Apr 19 Apr 23
Box of Tricks Apr 21 Apr 25
Clinton Fitch.com Apr 22 Apr 26
Around the Corner Apr 23 Apr 27
Tech Savvy Ed Apr 25 Apr 29
Small Biz Technology Apr 26 Apr 30
Ablet Factory Apr 27 May 1
Click Newz Apr 28 May 2
Geekazine Apr 29 May 3
21st Century Education Technology Apr 30 May 4
A GeekyMomma’s Blog May 1 May 5
Marsha Collier’s Musings May 2 May 6
VA Networking May 3 May 7
Thrive Business Accounting May 4 May 8
Jake Ludington’s Media Blab May 5 May 9
Mobile PC World May 6 May 10
Dangerously Irrelevant May 7 May 11
Bud the Teacher May 8 May 12
Kikolani May 9 May 13
Geeks To Go May 10 May 14
Chad Lehman.com May 11 May 15