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DIY Bookkeeping Check-Up | Not sure if your bookkeeping is accurate? This DIY guide will help you identify some of the most common errors. If you suspect you need a more in-depth review or just don’t have time, you’ll want our Deep Dive 25 service.

Payroll Setup Checklist | Freebie | This checklist will guide you through the data you need to gatehr in order to setup Gusto or another payroll service provider.

Bookkeeping Checkup | This is our entry level service that uses a 25-point checklist to identify potential errors, embezzlement or other discrepancies. We discovered one client had been paying for a monthly subscription multiple times. Through our audit process, we identified $2,980 in erroneous charges and helped secure $2,384 in refunds!

Cloud-based digital daily and monthly planner | If you want a lightweight flexible daily planner, this is for you. Want to dig deeper into your monthly numbers? That’s there for you, too! Watch this video to learn more.

Bookkeeping Spreadsheet | Much better than a shoebox!

10 Ways to Use Zapier | Freebie.

10 Ways to Work Smarter | Freebie.

Entering Shopify Sales into QuickBooks Online | Freebie.

Money: Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax

BASE HRA | HRA stands for Health Reimbursement Account. It’s a little known IRS code that allows you to save income taxes on medical expenses. Note that it’s not applicable for all business structures, but if you qualify, it’s well worth it!

bSolo | Resources for business owners

Expensify | Easy to use expense reporting and receipt scanning.

Xpenditure (Rydoo) | Another option for expense reporting and receipt scanning.

FreshBooks | I love Freshbooks! It’s especially useful if you have a team of contractors and need their time to flow through to client invoices. I don’t recommend it as true accounting software, but it’s better than a shoebox and is quite easy to use.

Gusto | Full-service payroll. Very easy to use!

Melio | Free & easy accounts payable for small businesses.

MileIQ | Mileage tracking.

Nav | Free credit monitoring for small businesses.

Plastiq | Pay virtually any bill with a credit card.

QuickBooks Online | The most robust bookkeeping and accounting software out there. It’s all we do. All. Day. Every. Day.

TransferWise | Inexpensive way to transfer money online to residents of other countries.

MoneyGram| Send money internationally with low fees.

YNAB | For zero-based budgeting. While it’s primarily used by individuals, it’s also useful for businesses.

Commerce Sync | A great resource to automatically transfer sales data nightly into accounting solutions. They work with a number of POS companies as well as all versions of QuickBooks and Xero!

Money: Wealth Building

Acorns | Invest “roundups” from your bank account into the stock market. Start with just $5!

Stash | Invest “roundups” from your bank account into the stock market. Start with just $5!

Digit | Automated savings.

Qapital | Automated savings.

SoFi – Invest | Friends get $50 in stock with a $1,000 investment.

sofi | Earn a $300 bonus when your personal or student loan is funded,

Bumped | Get free stock when you shop your favorite brands.

Dosh | Get cash back when you shop and dine out.

Drop (use code yot36) | Turn everyday purchases into rewards.

Money: Cost-Savings

BillCutterz | They’ll negotiate your recurring bills (cell phone, internet, etc.)

Trim | Automates ways to save you money from negotiating bills, canceling unwanted subscriptions, automated savings, credit card APR reduction, and debt payoff plans. They have it all!

Cashback Monitor | Start here before doing any online shopping to see which sites will give you the best rewards, whether cash back, airline miles/points or other rewards options.

Earny | Monitors your online purchases (think Amazon!) and you’ll get a refund if the price drops. Only specific credit cards are eligible.

Paribus | Monitors online purchases and you’ll get a refund if the price drops.

Honey | Browser add-on that is best for looking for coupon codes. Add your items to a watchlist and they’ll also alert you to a good deal (prior to purchasing). You can also earn rewards that convert to gift cards!

InvisibleHand | Browser add-on that gets you the lowest price on shopping and flights.

Wikibuy from Capital One  | Shopping comparison browser add-on that looks for the best price. A review from Million Mile Secrets.

Raise | Use this tool to buy discounted gift cards! They often have discount codes and sales for even more savings.

Library extension | Browser add-on that will alert you if a book you’re browsing is available at your library.

Wirecutter | Get the 411 on products before you buy. They also have a daily deals newsletter. | My favorite resource for money-saving tips and advice. Sign up for their daily newsletter to learn something new every day!

AppSumo | Great deals on business software and other goodies.

Gabi | Incredibly easy way to get multiple home and car insurance quotes at one time

Money: Side Hustles


Money: Podcasts and Books



TIP: Library extension | Browser add-on that will alert you if a book you’re browsing is available at your library.

Learning: Productivity & Business Tools


Asana | Project management software

Trello | Project management software

Confluence | We use this as our internal “Wiki” for our Standard Operating Procedures

Boomerang | Schedule emails, even recurring ones, with this tool. Also, keep emails from slipping through the cracks with reminders | Keep emails from slipping through the cracks with reminders.

SaneBox | Automagical rules to make your inbox so much more manageable!

Shift | Manage email and app accounts


Dropbox | Cloud file storage

Evernote | Cloud file storage

Backblaze | Cloud backup and storage

Tresorit| Encrypted online storage

Screencast | Video and content hosting. Works great with Jing or Camtasia.

Google Keep | Quick notes and lists that sync to all of your devices

GoogleDocs | For real-time, cloud-based document editing

HelloSign | E-sign important documents

UberConference | Online conference line | Screen-sharing and presentation

Zoom | Screen-sharing and presentation

TimeTrade | Online appointment scheduling


Fancy Hands | US-based on-demand virtual assistants

Scribie | Audio to text conversion

TaskRabbit | Helpers who come to your home to handle tasks (cleaning, putting together furniture, moving, etc.)

VA Networking | Hire a virtual assistant or submit an RFP (Request for Proposal)


CometDocs | Convert documents from one format to another (e.g. PDF to Word)

iLovePDF | Manage PDF documents (merge, extract pages, add pages, compress and so much more!)

FileThis | Fetches statements (bank, internet, etc.) and stores them into your desired cloud storage provider. We swear by this for our bookkeeping clients! (video here)

Hazel | Mac app to automagically process files based on predetermined rules

MightyText | Easy way to text from your laptop (even if you’re an Android user on a MacBook Pro!)

TextExpander | My #1 software recommendation! This creates shortcuts for frequently used text – anything from your name to a full on page of text.

IFTTT | Stands for If This, Then That. Automate tasks with rules.

Zapier | IFTTT on steroids! Zapier is the communication bridge between your apps. Want some ideas? Grab this freebie.


Namecheap Domains | Hassle-free domain registration

VirtualPostMail | Virtual mailbox that will also mail in check deposits

iPostal1 | Virtual mailbox; this tool can also mail in check deposits

Loom | Screen and video recording

Soapbox | Screen and video recording

Jing | Screen and video recording

Snagit | Screen and video recording

Camtasia | Screen and video recording, video editing

RescueTime | Keep track of where your time is spent

Timing |  Keep track of where your time is spent

Skitch | Screen capture software with easy-to-use annotation features. Syncs with Evernote.

DPD | E-commerce/shopping cart

Drip | Email marketing software

Grammarly | Online spelling and grammar checker

OneTab | Organize your open web pages

News Feed Eradicator For Facebook | Avoid distractions on Facebook

Quick Search For Google Drive | Quickly search Google Drive for files using the address bar

AppSumo | Great deals on business software and other goodies

Flux | Warms up your computer display at night to reduce the brightness

Learning: Security
Dashlane | Password manager & dark web monitoring

Passpack | Password manager

Guard your ID security roller stamp | While not as secure as shredding, it’s better than nothing! TIP: Only rollover data once for best results.

OverSight | An app that monitors your Mac’s mic and webcam

Namecheap SSL | Protect your business website with an SSL certificate

Namecheap VPN | Work from home via secured connection

Private Internet Access | VPN

Privacy | Keep your credit card details safe with virtual credit cards

Have I Been Pwned | See if your email has been involved in a data breach

PassProtect | Chrome extension that alerts you about breached credentials

SendInc | Free email encryption service

Signal | Secure messaging for Android, iPhone and Desktop

Snoopie | Chrome extension alerts you when you’re being recorded by popular tracking services


The Privacy, Security & OSINT Show

Learning: Podcasts and Books




If you were to only read one book on this entire list, make it this one: The Power of When (Michael Breus)

TIP: Library extension | Browser add-on that will alert you if a book you’re browsing is available at your library.

Travel Hacking


AutoSlash | Get the best prices on rental cars before and after you’ve booked

Airbnb | Vacation rentals and experiences

Bandwidth+ | Mac app that monitors data usage

eBags | Get all your travel gear here

Google Fi | Hands down the best travel cell service – 270 countries and counting

GetService | Automatically detect flight disruptions and hotel savings opportunities

Karma WiFi | Pay-As-You-Go or subscription-based personal WiFi service

Pruvo | Tracks hotel reservations for price drops

Scott’s Cheap Flights | Receive cheap flight alerts

Travel Guard | Coverage for you and your domestic partner through Travel Guard.

Travel Miles 101 | Learn travel hacking

TripMode | Save mobile data and block data hogs



TIP: Library extension | Browser add-on that will alert you if a book you’re browsing is available at your library.

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