I have a professional handling my books instead of me just winging it

Working with Michelle and Thrive Business Accounting was one of the smartest decisions I could have made. I did my own bookkeeping for years, and while I wasn’t horrible at it, it took HOURS. And when my CPA asked if I had a Balance Sheet, I just looked at him questioningly, “No. Do I need one?” Now, I have a Balance Sheet and all sorts of other reports, and my CPA is happy. More importantly, I have a professional handling my books instead of me just winging it.


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Michelle and her team are the most efficient, patient, kind, and through you will find

Michelle and her team are the most efficient, patient, kind, and through you will find. I have been working with Michelle for many years and I take every opportunity to recommend her to anyone in need of the kinds of services she offers. I look forward to working with her well into the future.


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Michelle handles the accounting functions keeping me on track

I hired Michelle when I opened my real estate practice five years ago to get me organized in a critical area of my business that I have neither the time or skill to manage. Michelle handles the accounting functions seamlessly, keeping me on track, reminding me of the important dates to keep my business running efficiently. Michelle has also taught me a few of the basics that I need to know about bookkeeping and accounting. She is the ultimate Quickbooks person and has become another valuable member of my team. I give Michelle the highest recommendation possible.



If I had to do it all over again, I’d hire her sooner

I have been using Michelle for about a year now, and couldn’t be happier! When Michelle first took my books over, sadly, my books were a mess. She was able to go in and clean them up, so that we had a good set of books to be able to work off of. In the past, I did bank balance accounting, and as long as I had money in the bank, I thought I was doing good. Over the years, I have learned that the best way to forecast to future, is to look at the past, and the ONLY way to be able to do that, is with a good set of accounting books! Got to have a good foundation to be able to build a budget. If I had to do it all over again, I’d hire her sooner, well worth every penny we are paying her!!! THANK YOU MICHELLE!


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It feels like I have much more than just a bookkeeper

I have loved working with Michelle and Jen. They are always thinking one step ahead when it comes to tax-related items and making sure as a busy solo business owner I do not let anything slip through the cracks. As I have asked them to update reporting or give more detail, they always do so immediately. Not only do I trust them, but I also love working with them. It feels like I have much more than just a bookkeeper, but rather someone who is really invested in my business and what is best for it.


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She anticipates problems before they happen

In short order, Michelle has made my business affairs an organized, easy-to-understand, smooth operation. She cleaned up inaccuracies in my financial files, streamlined my banking, reporting and expense processes and is saving me money. She works well with my accountant and does something that is crucial for small business owners: she anticipates problems before they happen, and knows ways to keep you organized, efficient and headache free. She has a great attitude and is a breeze to work with on every occasion. I cannot recommend Michelle enough!


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I was paying more to my accountant to do far less

The accounting was disorganized, largely based on memory. She discovered I was missing some client invoices. Based on her incredible focus and productivity she’s a bargain. I was paying more to my accountant to do far less. I don’t worry about the accounting now, I know it’s being done right, my accountant is 100% happy with the work, and much of the day to day details are now out of my hands so I can focus on what I enjoy, am good at, and can bill clients for.  Best business decision I made in 2018. She’s amazing.


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I can breathe easy now

When I asked for Michelle Mangen’s support a couple of years ago, I had created a mess by trying to do my own books through Quickbooks. Michelle patiently worked through unraveling the imbalances and strange accounts I had created. She took the time to explain things to me in a way that I could understand. And, she partnered well with my CPA. I can breathe easy now, trusting that Michelle will produce clear, clean accounting reports, and answer all of my questions.


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She’s more organized than the Container Store

I used to think working with a bookkeeper was a waste of money — after all, I paid for invoicing software and diligently used my business credit card. But then every year around tax time, I’d panic when I realized that just because my expenses were auto-categorized didn’t mean they were correctly categorized. Not to mention the horror that is trying to figure out whom I should send 1099s to… who’s sending them to me… and just how much should I have set aside for taxes anyway?? I’m breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it. And sweat is NOT tax-deductible.

Anyway, Michelle came into my life like a perky, numbers-loving angel descending from QuickBooks Heaven. She helped my business start filing as an S-corp (#offish), guided me through Gusto *and* QBO setup, and lovingly nags me every month to help categorize mystery expenses before they turn into a giant, hulking pile of Oh Hell No. Best of all, she’s delightful to talk to and more organized than the Container Store. Hire her, or waste another year agonizing over stuff she’s just WAY better at than you are.



The ability to adjust on the fly is a unique quality

Running a small consultancy that pulls in independent contractors and a variety of small and large businesses requires attention to financial detail. Michelle has supported my business for many years now with finesse, patience, and fluidity as we go through numerous transitions, partnerships, and sometimes challenging requests from clients. The ability to adjust on the fly is a unique quality; we would be lost without her.


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My taxes are now handled in just a few hours

Michelle was once my VA and bookkeeper. She fired me from her VA business, apparently, I drove her crazy with emails. But she kept me on as she clarified her offerings and chose bookkeeping as her work of choice. Michelle is great. She’s got things highly automated, so her work is efficient and the process of doing my books each month involves me minimally. She’s easy to work with, does a great job, and I know my financials are in great hands.

My taxes are now handled in just a few hours, I know my business status at all times, and I never worry about whether or not my financials are accurate and reflective of the truth of my income and expenses.

I so appreciate the automation of the bookkeeping tasks, Michelle’s efficiency reduces my bookkeeping expense, and ensures accuracy of the data downloaded into QuickBooks Online.


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Her organized processes ensure that our accounting info is reliable

We were struggling to keep our accounts in order and up to date when a friend recommended Michelle. We love working with Michelle. Her methodical approach and organized processes ensure that our accounting info is reliable and consistent.  We have a much better view of our business and how it is performing thanks to Michelle’s management of our accounts.


They are simply a part of our team

We’ve worked with Michelle and Jen for over 10 years and they are simply a part of our team. They handle everything we’ve contracted them to do without us giving it a thought. When they come across something we need to pay attention to we can count on them to point it out or handle it. We’ve referred them often.


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