It feels like I have much more than just a bookkeeper

I have loved working with Michelle and Jen. They are always thinking one step ahead when it comes to tax-related items and making sure as a busy solo business owner I do not let anything slip through the cracks. As I have asked them to update reporting or give more detail, they always do so immediately. Not only do I trust them, but I also love working with them. It feels like I have much more than just a bookkeeper, but rather someone who is really invested in my business and what is best for it.


Chief of Community Happiness

She anticipates problems before they happen

In short order, Michelle has made my business affairs an organized, easy-to-understand, smooth operation. She cleaned up inaccuracies in my financial files, streamlined my banking, reporting and expense processes and is saving me money. She works well with my accountant and does something that is crucial for small business owners: she anticipates problems before they happen, and knows ways to keep you organized, efficient and headache free. She has a great attitude and is a breeze to work with on every occasion. I cannot recommend Michelle enough!


PR Strategist

I was paying more to my accountant to do far less

The accounting was disorganized, largely based on memory. She discovered I was missing some client invoices. Based on her incredible focus and productivity she’s a bargain. I was paying more to my accountant to do far less. I don’t worry about the accounting now, I know it’s being done right, my accountant is 100% happy with the work, and much of the day to day details are now out of my hands so I can focus on what I enjoy, am good at, and can bill clients for.  Best business decision I made in 2018. She’s amazing.


Executive Coach and Team Optimizer

My taxes are now handled in just a few hours

Michelle was once my VA and bookkeeper. She fired me from her VA business, apparently, I drove her crazy with emails. But she kept me on as she clarified her offerings and chose bookkeeping as her work of choice. Michelle is great. She’s got things highly automated, so her work is efficient and the process of doing my books each month involves me minimally. She’s easy to work with, does a great job, and I know my financials are in great hands.

My taxes are now handled in just a few hours, I know my business status at all times, and I never worry about whether or not my financials are accurate and reflective of the truth of my income and expenses.

I so appreciate the automation of the bookkeeping tasks, Michelle’s efficiency reduces my bookkeeping expense, and ensures accuracy of the data downloaded into QuickBooks Online.


Online Energy Healing School

Her organized processes ensure that our accounting info is reliable

We were struggling to keep our accounts in order and up to date when a friend recommended Michelle. We love working with Michelle. Her methodical approach and organized processes ensure that our accounting info is reliable and consistent.  We have a much better view of our business and how it is performing thanks to Michelle’s management of our accounts.


They are simply a part of our team

We’ve worked with Michelle and Jen for over 10 years and they are simply a part of our team. They handle everything we’ve contracted them to do without us giving it a thought. When they come across something we need to pay attention to we can count on them to point it out or handle it. We’ve referred them often.


Marketing Consultant