Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping Services for People Who'd Rather do Anything Else

Spot My Bookkeeping Mistakes

Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping Services for People Who'd Rather do Anything Else

Spot My Bookkeeping Mistakes

Nobody wakes up & says,

“Oh my God, I NEED a bookkeeper.”

As much as we’d like to pretend they do. 

But lots of small business owners wake up and wonder how they’re going to find time to catch up on their ever-growing backlog of bookkeeping tasks… which are especially hard to face when you’d rather do ANYTHING else.  (Looking at you, people who hate numbers.)

Needing a bookkeeper tends to look a lot like this:

  • Every year, you cross your fingers and hope your tax preparer will catch errors that cost you money or get you audited (sorry to burst your bubble, but they won’t)
  • You set aside time to go into your expenses and re-categorize things… but somehow, you never do
  • There’s a difference between what’s in your bank account and what your balance sheet says should be in your bank account… and you don’t have the faintest, vanilla-scented whiff of a clue WHY

In short order, Michelle has made my business affairs an organized, easy-to-understand, smooth operation. She cleaned up inaccuracies in my financial files, streamlined my banking, reporting and expense processes and is saving me money. She works well with my accountant and does something that is crucial for small business owners: she anticipates problems before they happen, and knows ways to keep you organized, efficient and headache free. She has a great attitude and is a breeze to work with on every occasion. I cannot recommend Michelle enough!


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Even when you’re on top of your sh**, you’re not sure you caught everything

Allow us to put on our Cliché Hat for a second…

You started your business to do more of what you love — not to stare at QuickBooks reports until your eyes glaze over like Krispy Kremes.

Categorizing expenses, labeling and organizing vendors, invoicing so you get PAID for all your hard work… none of that is actually the work you want to be doing. (OK, getting paid is kinda fun.)

But for some reason, hiring a bookkeeper for your business has felt like a “nice-to-have” rather than a “must-have”.

Until now.

You’ve realized you’re spending time you don’t have on tasks you don’t like. And half the time, you can’t even be sure you’re doing it right. (Cue the tax-time nightmare where you wake up in a cold sweat, shrieking “BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PAYPAL FEEEEES?!”)

If only you had a team of fun-to-work-with numbers nerds who’d happily handle your money minutiae. Oh right — that’s us.

Meet your efficient-system-building, details-obsessed outsourced bookkeeping lifesaver

Michelle Mangen is the brains behind your newly effortless, balanced books. She’s worked in bookkeeping since 1995  (remember when bell-bottoms were cool and cell phones hadn’t ruined our lives yet?).

On top of her 20+ years of experience, Michelle is a born get-shit-done-r. She literally can’t help herself — if she sees a system that’s not producing results, she grabs it by the ears and methodically makes it work.

Michelle’s teensy, tech-savvy team is the bookkeeping service you didn’t think you needed… and soon you won’t be able to live without.

Want Thrive to whip your books into shape?

Get your Deep Dive 25 Bookkeeping Audit now to see if you’re making these common mistakes.


It’s ledg-itimately our favorite thing to do!

Whip My Books Into Shape

Catching the “little things” can add up to big $$$

Thrive Business Accounting Fun Fact:

We discovered one client had been paying for a monthly subscription multiple times. Through our audit process, we identified $2,980 in erroneous charges and helped secure $2,384 in refunds!

We’ll be the perfect match if any of this is true:

  • You run a small service-based business, like a coaching practice or a consulting agency
  • You sell digital products or memberships
  • You accept payments from multiple choices, like Stripe, Square, PayPal, Braintree… we could go on

And most importantly: You want to stop grinding your teeth over fiddly financials, and actually run your damn business.

I have loved working with Michelle and Jen. They are always thinking one step ahead when it comes to tax related items and making sure as a busy solo business owner I do not let anything slip through the cracks. As I have asked them to update reporting or give more detail, they always do so immediately. Not only do I trust them, I also love working with them. It feels like I have much more than just a bookkeeper, but rather someone who is really invested in my business and what is best for it.


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Exclusively using QuickBooks Online

We only work with clients who use QuickBooks Online. Why? Because software changes all the time. We’re more effective for our clients because we’re experts at ONE industry-leading, widely used accounting program — not passably acquainted with all of them.

If you’re not using QuickBooks Online yet, that’s OK! We can help you migrate your books. (It’s not as easy as it sounds. Just try switching from QuickBooks for Mac to QBO, or searching down a missing column of data that didn’t import for some obnoxiously obscure reason.)

We’ve even got a handy little affiliate link for you to get ½ off your first 3 months of QBO. You’re welcome.

Stop leaving money on the pivot table

Thrive Business Accounting Fun Fact:

We found multiple invoicing errors for a client that resulted in a recovery of $58,195!

We might just find something you missed…

Butt Into My Books

What’s the difference between a bookkeeper,
an accountant, & a tax preparer?

This sounds like the setup to a bad joke, but it’s actually a super-important question.

  • Bookkeeping keeps your business in order from day-to-day.  It includes tasks like invoicing for payments, reconciling accounts, categorizing expenses, and more.
  • Accounting depends on accurate bookkeeping to zoom out and give you insight into your business’ finances.  A lot of accountants do tax prep, too.

Thrive Business Accounting is a bookkeeping and accounting service, not a tax prep service.  We handle the little things that can add up to big issues during tax time.  Leave it to us to run all the reports your tax preparer needs (while you sit back and sip a cocktail).

You’ll talk to your bookkeeper more often than you talk to your tax preparer – so why not work with someone whose company you actually enjoy?

I hired Michelle’s team to help me tame the beast of bookkeeping, and it was well worth it! Like so many entrepreneurs I struggle with delegating, but getting Michelle’s team’s help has been invaluable. I no longer have to worry about if the books are kept, accurate and giving me the information I need to make decisions and grow my business. I’d do it again in an instant!


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Oh hey, it’s the bottom of the page

Lost & just want a little hand-holding?

If you’ve clicked around and you’re still not sure where to start (hint: it’s probably our Deep Dive 25 Bookkeeping Audit), get in touch below and we’ll help you out.

Other things we can talk about include: Michelle’s pet-sitting adventures, horses, historical non-fiction, National Parks, travel hacking…