On November 29th FedEx dropped off a Lenovo All-in-One Multi-Touch PC into my eager hands.

Don’t get carried away —- I didn’t spend the retail $1,079.00 for this PC (my laptop is in great working order).  This little gem landed in my hands due to a Twitter friend asking if I’d be willing to participate in a promo / feedback group that Lenovo has going on.

And that…is exactly why I was so crazy excited when my son and I unpacked the box and set up the machine. Prior to receiving this machine I had no.idea.whatsoever.what.it.was. (Yes, I could have Google’d it before it arrived)

Here is a general overview of the snippets of conversation that my son and I had while unpacking and setting it up:

  • Wow! Slim design (maybe twice the width of an LCD screen)
  • OMgosh what a huge screen — a whopping 23″ (ironically I was on the phone with a friend less than a week before and we agreed “Who uses 23″ computer screens?”)
  • No messy cord tangles — it came with a regular mouse and keyboard and while some may prefer the wireless option, I hate wireless keyboards and mice
  • My son is in love with the touch-screen feature (while I don’t use it for much except to increase the volume of my favorite songs playing in Pandora)
  • The best surprise for both of us ….. it has built-in wireless and immediately recognized our network and we were connected to it in less than a minute

The best way to describe it is “an iPad on steroids” (granted it’s a little too big to shove in your flight carry on and it needs to stay connected to a power source; but you get the idea, right?)

Since the initial set-up last week I’ve installed QuickBooks and a bunch of other minor programs that I use regularly. The only hiccup I had was the install of QuickBooks 2010 and I don’t think that was actually related to the computer, I think it is some issue between QB and Windows 7. Easily fixed though by downloading the QB install via a direct download link (instead of the disk).

As a “regular” small business owner I will probably never put it through the serious paces that more intense users will. My son will (or may have already) tried to do some gaming on it. Maybe I can convince him to do a blog post too.

If you want a much more technical overview than you will ever see written from my fingertips, head over and read this one from one of the other participants. (that much techno mumbo jumbo makes my eyes swim)

As I mentioned in my last newsletter I will have one of these awesome machines to give away in the near future…so stay tuned. (or better yet sign up for my weekly blog digest in the right sidebar)

PS: A special thank you going out to the Twitter friend who suggested me to the head dudes running this promo. While my laptop is in good working order, this new computer is freakin’ sweet!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of them and don’t want to lay out the $1,000+ for it check out the listing below as a good number of other participants have their contests going on now.