What knowledge do you hold in your library?

book1Thanksgiving Day was my one year anniversary in business as a Virtual Assistant (my Year of #Tweetsgiving). As part of the reflection of my first year in business I realized that I have accumulated an immense amount of knowledge that has made me a better Virtual Assistant and increased the virtual services I offer to my clients.

It was serendipity that after my one year anniversary blog post I received an email from @karriflatla¬† with her YouTube Video on “The Library of You.” and shortly after that I read @JosephRanseth’s blog post on “Four Steps to Create a Masterpiece Sculpture.”

With every project and new client I have added to my “knowledge library” while revealing my “sculpture”

  • Chipping – bringing out my authentic self and defining my place as a Virtual Assistant
  • Sculpting – the deliberate process of learning new skills to offer expanded services
  • Sanding – refining my processes and my business plan as I move through each day
  • Polishing – shining up the skills I started with and the new ones I have obtained throughout this last year

The additions to my library has led me to several great partnerships, opportunities and new friends.

A new friendship with @JosephRanseth has proven to be highly beneficial to one of the newest and of the most exciting opportunities I am now working on: a partnership with @TommyTRC offering WordPress Workshops to the Northeastern Wisconsin Area.

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone every day is a day to be grateful to each and every individual who is an important part of my life both in real life and in the virtual world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What are you doing every day to build your “library” and finish your “sculpture”?

P.S. If you want to know how I became friends with @JosephRanseth check out: Alex Mandossian Business Card Suggestion Results in a Social Media Encounter.