What does your business card look like?

Months ago I had read an excerpt from an Alex Mandossian article on creating a more compelling business card. While I did not follow all steps he has suggested for creating a better business card I did proceed to do two of his three suggested business card design tips.

  1. I put my photo (Twitter avatar) on my business card
  2. I put an offer with a secret code to redeem for a free e-book: Leveraging YOUR Power through Twitter

Earlier this month when I was in Denver I was chatting with a gentleman and a woman at T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive Weekend. During the conversation the woman asks for my business card. As I proceed to hand it to her the gentleman immediately announced, “We talk on Twitter!”

Stop. Think. Ask, “We do? Who are you on Twitter?” (feeling a tad bit ashamed that I don’t recognize him)

He replies, “I’m @JosephRanseth

About 15 seconds later I made the mental connection and was amazed that here I’ve run into a person from Canada, I’m from Wisconsin and we are both at a seminar in Denver, CO.

Had it not been for my Twitter avatar on my business card neither of us would have ever made the connection.

This past week I was telling this story to some friends at a TweetUp and @gegere mentioned that he recently had a similar instance due to a Gravatar.

In my case, I am my “brand” – I’m not fancy and will never be recognized like Nike or Coca-Cola. Due to the amount of time I spent on Social Media networks it’s important to me that all of my pictures are consistent for easy recognition.

While you may not want to splash your avatar on your business card as I did, consider at least setting up an account at Gravatar so that your blog comments show the same photo as you have on Twitter.

Have you had a similar social media encounter? Share your stories in the comment section.