Are you treating your blog like Cinderella?

The internet expands our boundaries and our business reach well beyond the confines of our city. Even brick and mortar businesses will agree that being found on the internet is one of the first steps to making a potential sale or securing a new client.

Why then do so many of us, myself included, treat our blogs like Cinderella? Unworthy.

I have two evil step-sister excuses:

  1. I don’t enjoy writing. I am a “talker” and find it much easier to connect emotionally and personally on the phone.
  2. My current site and many past posts need a lot of “behind the scenes” attention to increase their SEO potential.

I dream of the day when I can write and connect with others as I find @ShellyKramer, @RedheadWriting and @KatJaib do. If you haven’t already checked out their blogs do it now.

  • Shelly Kramer | V3 Integrated Marketing
  • Erika Napoletano | Redhead Writing (be warned – she is not for the faint of heart)
  • Kat Jaibur | Tiny Changes

As for #2 – I recently purchased an e-book (e-manual may be a better term) on “How To Blog” by @websiteweekend. Some day I’ll do a post on how I “stumbled” across Dave in what can seem to be the vast wilderness of the world wide web. In the meantime, his guidance, insight and brilliance have both enlightened me and reminded me of the simple steps I can take to make each blog post the best it can be  – in easy to follow steps. If you want your blog to be found by humans and search engines alike the $19.95 for his e-book may very well be one of the best business decisions you make.

*Word of Warning* This isn’t a “weekend” book that you read and put back on the digital shelf. Read it, implement it and then read it again.

TiaraAt the very core of our beings in the day to day immersion in our businesses and routines of our personal lives most of us feel the desire to connect with people on an emotional level. As we build the relationships and establish the Know-Like-Trust foundation with our readers and audience we increase our “odds” of forging the crucial “touch point” that leads to future business.

To increase our reach and provide value ~ maintaining our blog is the invite to the ball. Our chance to meet the Prince.

Grab your tiara. Put on your glass slippers. Dance a little. Make (and keep) a date with your blog.