Return on Influence is all about the KLT Factor

office party

Recently I attended our local Chamber business expo with another friend. I will admit that when we saw a particular woman we nearly ran into another aisle so that we were not spotted.

This particular woman is very pushy and sends unsolicited emails trying to get us to join her MLM type organizations. Also, she repeatedly asks me for free advice/help and after numerous requests for assistance I finally had to define some clear boundaries with her (regarding emails, phone calls, etc.) yet she continually disregards the defined boundaries.

Think to yourself…who do you know that:

  • continually pushes themselves onto you?
  • asks for endless free advice and consultations?
  • disregards/does not respect your boundaries?

How do those people make you feel? Do you run (or want to run) when you encounter them?

Why do you feel this way? Is it because they have violated (or have not proven) one mor more steps in the KLT factor?

K: Know – do your prospective customers know you?

  • are you authentic in your interactions with others that visibly reveals things about your product or service?
  • do you share or do you share too much?
  • are you easy to find?
  • do you visibly support others success, products or services?
  • do you maintain a positive attitude or do you complain?
  • are you consistent/congruent in your messages?

L: Like – are you liked or at least respected?

  • are you bombarding others with your messages?
  • do you only toot your own horn?
  • are you genuinly interested in others?
  • what steps are you taking to become liked?
  • do you respond to others requests for assistance?

T: Trust – there is NO way around this

  • when you say you will do something do you deliver on time and on budget?
  • if you do make a mistake or cannot deliver as promised do you promptly communicate so there are no surprises?
  • are prospective clients confident you can solve their problem?
  • do prospective clients trust your price is fair?

Even if you are known and well-liked you will inevitably fail in business if you cannot prove trust.

If you want to experience ROI (Return on Influence) it is crucial that you begin to build your Know, Like, Trust factor with prospective clients and customers.

What steps are you taking to build your KLT factor in social media and in real life?