Leveraging YOUR Power Through Twitter

Make sure to read the entire post as there is a special offer included to my readers!

It’s been a long journey writing this e-book and it’s actually be done and ready to be sold for two months now. If you are scratching your head wondering why on earth I haven’t been promoting it for the last two months it’s all quite simple.

I’ve been waiting to get the landing page perfect, especially after a wonderful Twitter friend, @DarrenMonroe was so kind and recorded a special 45 minute video for me on everything I needed to do to make the landing page just perfect. I made a ton of notes and just wasn’t able to implement them all.

I am a perfectionist by nature and decided this weekend I was not doing anyone any favors by procrastinating any longer. So the sales page is not perfect, it’s not even a true sales page. However, the book is amazing – I guarantee that the book will give you tips and insights into Twitter that you were not aware of.

When I first opened my account on Twitter a year ago the very first thing I said to myself was, “Where is the other half of the conversation?” And then stopped dead in my tracks. It made no sense to me and I didn’t know a single person who I could go to for answers and guidance.

About three weeks later a law firm from New Orleans contacted me to discuss my Virtual Assistant services and immediately I realized Twitter was an ideal, low-cost marketing solution.

And the quest began….countless hours were spent scouring the Internet for the information on how to use Twitter in the most effective manner. In less than three months I landed my first client as a result of Twitter. Had I known all the techniques outlined in the e-book my first client would have come even sooner.

The countless hours of research and testing that went into this e-book, Leveraging Your Power Through Twitter, will save you innumerable hours by clearly outlining some of the best tools and resources to become known as a person of influence. Once you are Known, Liked and Trusted you will begin to see the ROI of Twitter.

As a special offer until December 15, 2009 we are offering a $3.00 discount from the already low price of $12.95. Just enter the code, “launch” at checkout to receive this special offer.

A special Thank You to @AceConcierge @VAinParadise and @MarsVA for undertaking this group project. This was a true collaborative effort of four fantastic Virtual Assistants who compiled the best out there to bring it to you in one fantastic resource!

As a special thank you to my readers – or more specifically those who leave comments – we are giving away five copies of the book to the people who answer any of the following questions in the comments.

  1. What is the biggest challenge you face on Twitter?
  2. Share a business success story that is a direct result of your activity on Twitter
  3. Share a story about a new friendship or relationship as a result of Twitter
  4. A Tip or Trick you use to make the most of your social media marketing efforts
  5. A favorite tool/application/software for any aspect of Twitter and WHY you like it

Anyone who comments and meets the above criteria will be entered into the drawing. Drawing date will be this Saturday, December 12, 2009.