How Twitter lists have given me an incredible high

Twitter lists have been “mainstream” for over a month now. Being a Virtual Assistant I try out so many different software programs and applications. Ironically a lot of the different programs are for and related to Twitter especially since I co-authored Leveraging Your Power through Twitter with Susan Poirier (aka @AceConcierge) with Ace Concierge; Dawn Riley (aka @VAinParadise) with VA in Paradise and Marlene Eldemire (aka @MarsVA) with Mars Virtual Assistant.

So I’m actually somewhat surprised at myself that I haven’t experimented with the new Twitter list feature. Mainly it’s because I’ve been using TweetMiner and have been helping the developer get the word out about TweetMiner and I’ve been getting a lot questions, thoughts and feedback on that.

Initially my gut reaction was that I thought it somewhat “creepy” that I could see who had listed me and what “list” name I was on. It’s eerily similar to knowing if I am on the list for heaven or hell or maybe the Who’s Naughty, Who’s Nice list that Santa always keeps. Really do we want to know what Santa is or isn’t getting us this year? (BTW, I already asked for the Mercedes E63 AMG and I think Santa is only giving out two of those this year!)

Initial creep factor aside a few weeks ago I noticed I had been added to over 100 lists and I went to see who had added me to their lists and how they named them. In addition to lists I would expect to appear on such as Virtual Assistants, small business owners, tech tips, social media, local lists, etc. I was incredibly honored and flabbergasted by some of the great lists that I’ve been added to such as:

  • ppl-who-make-me-smarter
  • peoplewhotalk
  • my-first-50-followers
  • Talent
  • Help
  • fabulous-biz-women
  • entrepreneurgenius
  • true-connections
  • terrificadvice
  • fabulousengagingsmart
  • engaging-and-giving-women

And on and on it goes….

In a heartbeat “creepiness” turned to one of gratitude and delight. Seeing myself listed in those lists was an instant high! It is a reminder that I have brought value to others’ lives and TweetStream. The next time I have one of those “days” when I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?” all I need to do is pop over to my lists and be reminded that I have people looking “up” to me.

And now the bar has been raised…..I must continue to provide the content that allows me the privilege of remaining on those lists.

Take a look at the Twitter lists others have placed you on…..did you get a high?