As I mentioned in Part One of Why I don’t blog more often there are three core reasons as to why I do not blog more often.

  • trying to find my own “writing voice”
  • my website is not perfect
  • Too many things taking up my physic RAM

In reviewing these three core reasons I decided I was going to address “too many things taking up physic RAM” first.

The weather has been gorgeous in Neenah, WI (Fox Valley) this past week and I decided I was “extracting” myself from the Twitterverse to spend some time outside, in the sunshine, on the dock with my Getting Things Done book.

Before I even finish Chapter One I realize that my “collection” tools for all I have to do – for my own Virtual Assistant business and my personal life have not been sufficient. I have great tools that I utilize religiously for my clients’ work but I have failed myself for things important to me.

Always with pen and paper in hand I began jotting down all the things that have been tugging at my mind.

It should come as no surprise to me that I quickly wrote down 107 items (personal and business related) that I want to address, learn or implement. (yep, and I probably just barely scratched the surface)

I’m a highly organized person so just jotting these ideas down in a notebook is not going to be sufficient for me. Additionally I am more than certain that David Allen is going to tell me that having one willy-nilly, catch-all list is probably hazardous to one’s health.

@WebJunkie swears by Microsoft OneNote and ClearContext for Outlook so I spent awhile this evening checking out both programs. I’ve downloaded the 30 day free trial of ClearContext Pro and have set up a few Notebooks in OneNote.

On that note I’m going to at least dump the 107 items on my personal and business to-do list into a tab in OneNote and continue reading, “Getting Things Done” to discover what steps I will take next with this list.

Over the next several weeks I will share with you the insights I glean from OneNote, ClearContext Pro and Getting Things Done.

In the meantime the other two items as to why I don’t blog more frequently will “fix” themselves. As I write more I will find my authentic voice. Yes, I’ll still be driving traffic to a site that is less than perfect but no worries as I already have that on my current list of 107 things!

P.S. As I was finalizing this post this CopyBlogger article appeared in my Inbox (which is ironic considering it hits home in my attempt in finding my authentic writing voice)