I’ve been working with Matthew Walker over the past several months in a one on one coaching program with Book Yourself Solid (Michael Port).

One particular homework assignment was to find and order five books that had been recommended to me by others.  At first glance I was only able to come up with three and quickly asked my Twitter pals for other recommendations.

@Coach_Michael quickly replied that “Getting Things Done” and “Ready for Anything” by David Allen literally saved his business. He’s a business coach so I figured I should probably listen to him. (and I really needed those last two recommendations for my homework assignment)

@Coach_Michael is a business coach who assists brick ‘n mortar businesses expand their reach through Social Media. He also assists business owners and their management team make more money in less time.

I’ve always been an avid reader but over the past few months I’ve had less time to read (between the lines: I haven’t made time to read) and it’s been eating at me. If I sit down to read wicked little reminders pop up and tell me I should be doing something else – learning WordPress, writing a newsletter, a blog post, cleaning the kitchen counter, a load of laundry, you name it….then later the guilt kicks in that I am not doing something I truly enjoy – reading.

So why don’t I blog more often? It certainly is not due to lack of ideas. I have all kinds of ideas for Excel, bookkeeping, social media, and general business ideas that I could blog about.

The core issues as to why I don’t blog more often comes down to three relatively simple things:

  • My site isn’t “perfect” and I don’t want to drive traffic to my site if I am not happy with it (mainly theme related issues)
  • I spent many years in the property management / real estate world where written correspondence tends to be quite “firm” and legal-ese and I haven’t found my writing voice yet – at least one that feels authentic to me
  • I haven’t created the time to write the blog posts because I have so many “open loops” taking up all my “physic RAM

Come back tomorrow to find out what action steps I have committed to making. Will you share with me obstacles that have held you back from blogging more frequently?