Ward Off Daily Overwhelm With Post-ItsThis post is the Part Five in my quest to defeat The Bossy Inbox and to take control of my days. Part Three outlined how I went about gaining the 30,000’ foot view of the month. Take a look at the overview post here.

Although I start (and end) my day with the Daily Planner, it could easily lead to overwhelm because there’s so much on it. Way more than what anyone should realistically try to cram into a day! Initially, I was printing a hard copy of Columns A-D, but that was using unnecessary paper and ink and it still gave me the fire hose version.  I wanted to easily focus on “what’s important” right now. I didn’t need to be distracted by “this afternoon.”

One thing at a time.

Or in my case. Three.

Three was perfectly manageable.

So, what’s small enough to hold just about three things? A Post-It!

Post-Its are a staple supply in most offices, and they quickly found their way back into my life. So simply perfect.

My daily routine looks a bit like this:

  • Start the day by reviewing my Daily Planner (written out the night before)
  • Set up alarms for any set-in-stone appointments
  • Write down the first three scheduled items on a Post-It (repeat as needed throughout the day…so basically multiple times!)
  • Set a timer (or Amazon Echo for 90 minutes
  • Get to work!
  • Once the timer goes off, I take a quick break (coffee/water, walk around the block, yoga stretches, respond to texts, etc.)
  • Review the Post-It/Planner
  • Set a new 90-minute timer
  • Get back to work!
  • Repeat

The Post-It has become such an integral part of my day that I keep two pads of them in my grab-n-go traveling office bag. Yes, I am prepared. No, I will not be without my Post-Its! (Ready to order some? Here you are!)

How may they work for you?