I have my own little hashtag (#ExcelQueen) on Twitter for all the Excel shortcuts I share. I thought it was time to do a video with a few of them.

Under the video you will find the written version of the tips.

  • Tip 1: Maneuvering to different sheets – two different options for selecting tabs in large worksheets:  a) right click on the arrows in the very bottom, left corner of your Excel document – that will bring up a list of all the various tabs within the sheet.   b) CTRL+Page Up will move one tab to the left and CTRL+Page Down will move one tab to the right
  • Tip 2: Selecting a range: instead of scrolling down/over to select your range. Within the active cell you can hold SHIFT down while you select the area (or do SHIFT+Page Down, etc)
  • Tip 3: Filling in duplicate data in large range: highlight desired range>type desired data into the active cell>Control+Enter
  • Tip 4: View windows side by side: View>New Window. By default this will create a new window. If you want to see them side by side or bottom/top click “Arrange All” and select the desired viewing option.
  • Tip 5: Fill cell with data directly above: CTRL+D
  • Tip 6: Fill cell with data directly to the left: CTRL+R
  • Teaser: Conditional formatting. My next video will show two fun and practical uses for Conditional Formatting in Excel.

wizard_merlin_figurine_543554_lMake sure you visit again for more Excel Tutorials. Pretty soon you will be an Excel Wizard…maybe I should have chosen that as my hasthtag instead of #ExcelQueen!