Dig Your Heels In

If you want 24/7 access to the most up to date and ever growing virtual resource center specifically designed and catered to Women Entrepreneur’s look no further than Dig Your Heels In.

The “Dig Your Heels In” membership opportunity is all about saving you and your business valuable time and energy so that you can focus on what matters most…Your Bottom Line.  Need a multi user membership for your corporation?  Contact us for corporate membership pricing & discounts for groups of 5 or more.

@DawnWindsor on Twitter has been working feverishly to get the site up and launched. I am proud to be a member of the community and will begin to post tips and other resources for small business owners under the “Virtual Assistant” category.

I’ve already connected with several of the members on Twitter and myself, I’m looking forward to all that everyone will bring to this group.

There is a special offer running right now for 1/2 off the annual membership ~ you can get in now, while it’s still young at only $60/year (CAD). In my opinion, an absolute steal at only $5.00/month. If one tip or resource on the center enables you to double or triple your productivity or income…..it’s worth it, right? You better be chanting, Yes, Yes, Yes! with me.

Don’t pass Go, don’t collect $200, just get over there now and sign up….and if you’d be so kind as to go through the “Mangen” paypal button she has on the site so she can see that I’ve helped get some new members, that would be really cool.