Because my virtual assistant website ranks well for certain keywords I inevitably get a few inquiries every month asking if I hire sub-contractors. When I get these inquiries I typically direct them to my virtual assistant referral list.

For some reason I recently replied to a particular one and asked for three things she does really well. She responded “the best thing to do is look at my website”.

I immediately thought, “What? You contacted me asking if I work with subs. I asked a simple question, basically giving you an opportunity to “sell” yourself and you tell me to look at your website?”  <and in my mind’s eye I did NOT see the Staples’ Easy Button!>

In this case she’s looking to work for me, she’s offering her services to me and yet she  is choosing to make things easier on herself rather than give me a straight answer to a simple question.

I headed over to the Virtual Assistant Forums and posed this question: How Do You Make It Easy for People to Work With You? 

Here are answers from community members on how they make it easy.

Prospective clients:

  • Being clear with replies
  • Indicating hours available
  • Giving multiple contact options (email, phone, text, Skype, etc.)
  • Providing a copy of my pitch/info sheet
  • Responding quickly (that is huge in this business)
  • Policies, procedures, sample contract
  • Stating rates, how time is billed, discounts that are available, etc.
  • Offering several payment options (Paypal, Intuit Payment Network, Stripe, Check, etc.)
  • Being honest about skills and experience
Existing clients:
  • Being clear with replies
  • Responding quickly
  • Maintaining careful records (login info, preferences, etc.) so there is not a need to ask for information twice
  • Learning client’s industry to know terminology, etc.
  • Because technology is not perfect making it clear to clients that if they have not received a reply in 24 hours to please call
  • Follow directions
  • Being honest with time keeping, billing, etc.

Most business owners are time-starved and by the time they decide to hire a Virtual Assistant and contact us they want to know how we are going to help them. So let’s not create more work for them. Answer their questions. Follow directions. Make it easy!

If you are a business owner who is working with a VA how do they make things easier? What could be done to improve? If you are a Virtual Assistant what are other ways you make it easy for people to work with you?

Image Credit: Creative Commons by Yskyflyer


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