Use Local Online Profiles to Promote Your Business

Even though as a Virtual Assistant I am not geographically limited to who I can assist with various virtual services that I offer it’s still beneficial to have profiles set up and most of them are free.

Benefits of Creating a Local Profile for Your Business

  • Local consumers can find your business more easily as often local businesses are shown at the top of the search page
  • Consumers and clients can leave feedback that others can see
  • Some sites allow you to include a special offer or videos on your listing

Basically at the end of the day anything, big or small, that we can do as a business to increase our exposure at little or no cost should be considered (really, it should be a no-brainer)

Not sure how to get started – here are links to just a few of the many out there:

Tip: If you are already using Google Local Business Center click here to read a new feature that has recently been released that you should certainly take advantage of.

This is also a perfect task to give to your Virtual Assistant if you find you do not have the time to set up all of these profiles.