Wanting to have a fancy email signature for your Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail or AOL email accounts?

Come on – you know you want it! Up until now it’s never really been that easy to add an HTML signature to your Gmail account.

Several weeks ago I did a post on How To Add A Twitter Icon to your email signature for Outlook 2007. Since I wrote that post I came across “WiseStamp” which allows you to create the same type of signature for some of the free email services.

The steps on how to do this were quite easy and I was really pleased with the result.

and then….I realized that it wouldn’t work with Outlook and I don’t want to actually log in to Gmail in order to have my kickin’ new social media icon laden email signature.

So I figured out how to have the best of both worlds. For the ones of you that use the web-based email programs for Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and AOL email you will only have to set up Wisestamp and in a few minutes you will be ready to blast off emails to everyone and their mom showing off your rockin’ new signature.

For the ones of us that still use Outlook you will have a few more steps but in the end, trust me, it will all be worth it.

Do you use the web-based email programs? If  so, hop to the end and leave a comment.

If you use Outlook 2007 use these steps to add your Twitter, your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Skype, etc. icons into your email signature.

  1. Set up WiseStamp (they have directions so I won’t bore you with them)
  2. Sign into your web-based program and send yourself a blank message
  3. Log into your Outlook and open the message you just sent yourself
  4. Right Click in the body of the email and chose “view source”
  5. This will bring up a text document with all of the HTML of the email signature
  6. Copy that into a free HTML editor (I use PageBreeze)
  7. View the new “page” in “normal mode” (PageBreeze instructions)
  8. Copy the “normal” looking page
  9. Open your signature box and create a new signature (see my previous post for instructions on how to do edit your Outlook signature)
  10. Go test it….are you now sporting a rockin’ new signature?

If you wanna email me to show it off feel free!

Otherwise, leave me a comment on how many people you emailed to show it off to!