Bookkeeping TipsThere are so many great software programs available to save you time. (And time is money!) FileThis is one of the ones I use for myself as well as my virtual bookkeeping clients.

For those of you who offer bookkeeping services to clients – be sure to take a look at this. It will likely eliminate the need for your clients to email their monthly statements. (Tip: Don’t connect Paypal as the report FileThis pulls through is useless from a bookkeeping standpoint).

The nutshell version of how it works:

  • Sign up for a free account at FileThis
  • Connect your desired cloud storage provider (Dropbox, Evernote, Box and many more)
  • Add connections (bank and credit card accounts, Amazon, mortgage, utilities, internet service provider, phone company and so many more!)
  • Once a week FileThis will automatically request any new statements from your providers and neatly file them (as a PDF) in your cloud storage account.
  • Voila! Now you no longer need to log into individual accounts to download and save your statements.

The video below will show you how easy it is to connect an account (called a connection) to FileThis.

What are some of your favorite tools to automate your life?

PS: Want some other great tips on “life hacking”? I highly recommend this book: Less Doing, More Living