I’ll have to admit…the feeling I experienced in achieving the #1 spot in Google search results for “add Twitter icon to Facebook Fan Page” this week was nothing short of pure delight. (I also have #2 & #5)

The ironic part of it is that I rarely check my Google rankings and have been trying, for some time now, to get listed higher for Social Media Virtual Assistant. While I’ve moved up significantly (from #28 to #7) in that area due to great SEO work and tips from my SEO guy, Joseph Kohli with Kohli Consulting, I don’t really check my results as often as I should.

So when I was tipped off by someone who had found my blog post on how to Add a Twitter Icon to your Facebook Fan Page I asked her how she had found my post. She told me it was because I was the first result she found when she did the search in Google.


Joe and I have similar situations in which we do more than one thing that may seem to be “worlds apart” – what does Social Media have to do with QuickBooks and bookkeeping? Or in Joe’s situation QuickBooks and SEO? Nothing really but it just so happens that I love both bookkeeping and Social Media and love to be able to offer both of those services to my clients.

Yesterday Jawar, a Motivational Speaker and overall great guy on Twitter had a post on his Facebook that read, “If you didn’t see results from what you did today until 36 months from now, what would you do today?”

What I am doing today is writing one blog post at a time, learning one new skill, building existing relationships and beginning new ones, will eventually produce residual effects in my business and personal life. Hopefully as I do this I will continue to rise through Google’s index to be one of the top three listings for Social Media Virtual Assistant. Having my instructions on Twitter icon/Facebook come up first certainly will guarantee visits to my website.

Now I ask you….what Jawar asked….What are you doing today, even if you don’t see results for another 36 months?