What I am thankful for – Part One

To the many people who have supported me, my dreams and my vision

It is only because of Twitter that I happened to cross paths with these people and for that I am eternally grateful.

  • @AceConcierge and @VAinParadise – my water cooler girls whom I will meet IRL some day. Without them I would not be the Virtual Assistant I am today. I am also honored and blessed to consider them both peers and true friends.
  • @Matthew_Walker – for his amazing Book Yourself Solid coaching skills – because of him I am a better business person
  • @StudentofLife – he is one of the most amazing, uplifting people I know. Not only is he a great father and husband but he’s a successful businessman. He has given me suggestions for great books to read and has introduced me to some great people on Twitter
  • @SusanPowers – it is because of @StudentOfLife we met – she inspires me to eat healthier! Hopefully I’ll be meeting her IRL soon.
  • @ckinney – a loyal follower, great friend and always tips me off on things she think may be of interest to me
  • @katjaib – because of her I learn new ways to bring abundance into my life
  • @Sophie_Lhoste – who heals me with her wisdom, insight and energy
  • @DawudMiracle – who did my first website and because of him that I got onto Twitter in the first place – ‘nuf said?
  • @KelvinRingold – because he makes me laugh and teaches me a lot of things (one of those scarily brilliant people)
  • @Helpbusinesses – she has given me business tips that have proven invaluable
  • @StacyKinney – who else knows so many ways to save when shopping online?
  • @SkipBlabLLC – she is a cheerleader like no other
  • @AviationNewsUS – even though he’s in Portugal he’s kind, generous and has taught me much about websites, SEO, etc.
  • @JosephRanseth – my most amazing Social Media true-life story as of today and someone I look forward to working with in the future (another scarily brilliant person)
  • @OwenGreaves – nearly forgot him (not on purpose) he is who gets all my votes for web hosting because he’s so helpful when I can’t figure something out on my own!

The local Fox Valley people get their own little section because I met them on Twitter and then later in real life

  • @TommyTRC – another brilliant person who is one of the most generous, helpful people I have ever met in my entire life. Not only is he married with children but he supports the community in ways I can only imagine being able to do.
  • @AndyCrash – one of my most memorable new followers and one who will always be dear to my heart for his gratitude for the small things I have done for him
  • @2sonsup – she is one of the most confident women I have ever met
  • @webjunkie – I’m beginning to think I need a simply brilliant category as he’s another one! For his initiative to have the free resume class this summer and for fixing my computer (well, almost fixing it)
  • @RossLaRocco a true believer of social media who does his part by always doing great videos of our TweetUps
  • @Kalalea and @DebSoul – energetic, generous individuals who truly live authentically
  • @TamiAtVCConnex one of my newest Twitter friends who is a lot of fun and a staunch supporter of Social Media for business
  • @tvorse – and all around friendly and great guy and happens to be one of my son’s favorite people

Each and every one of these people hold a very special place in my heart – thank you for all you’ve done for me. I appreciate you more than I can adequately put into words.

For anyone I inadvertently overlooked I’m sorry.

This post was created as part of a global groundswell of gratitude called TweetsGiving. The celebration, created by US nonprofit Epic Change, is an experiment in social innovation that seeks to change the world through the power of gratitude. I hope you’ll visit the TweetsGiving site to learn more, and to bring your grateful heart to the party by sharing your gratitude, and giving in honor of that for which you’re most thankful.