In May 2009 I attended an Internet Marketing Conference in Reno, NV so I could learn more on how to increase my own online presence as well as further develop my own skill set so I can provide additional value to my clients.

Simultaneously with the conference my website had been re-designed complete with blogging capabilities (my site has some planned revisions yet so watch for those in the upcoming weeks!). While I haven’t been the greatest with creating the time to do my own blog posts the few that I have done have resulted in obtaining new clients and a substantial increase to visits to my website.

I am eager to learn more about blogging and other forms of “new media” so I’m heading out to Las Vegas in October for the BlogWorld Expo. The statistics on their website regarding blogging is amazing to me.

If you are a small business owner or Virtual Assistant that does blogging for yourself or clients, I highly suggest attending the conference as well. Click on the banner below to learn more about it!

If you will be attending the conference, let me know so that we can to connect there in Vegas!