Salsa DanceI’ve been taking dance lessons since the middle of October. It started as a Living Social deal but I was having so much fun tripping over my own feet that I decided to sign up for more lessons.

I’ve had a handful of private lessons and have been attending the group lessons each week. I had three of the beginner classes under my belt and then last week the instructor was out of town for a competition. I must have missed the “memo” about his absence so when I showed up last Monday night I was thrust into the intermediate class, despite my pleas of “I’m not good enough for the intermediate class!”

That particular intermediate class was for salsa, which “they” say is one of the harder dances to learn. I did OK and kept apologizing to my various dance partners when I’d do a pattern incorrectly.

Tonight, when I showed up, I had to make a decision. Go back to the beginner class or stay with the intermediate class. I opted for the beginner class.

At the end of class the intermediate instructor asked me when I was going to be back in his class. “Next week” is what I told him.

Although I got out of sync a few times I realized the beginner class was now too easy for me. Attending the intermediate class last week forced me to try harder. And trying harder will make me a better dancer. Faster.

When I was in high school I took tennis lessons and always wanted to play with someone better than me. Why? For me it wasn’t about winning, it was about becoming better. Often the only way to become better is to play, dance and interact with someone better.

This past year has been pretty darn easy for me in most areas of my life. I earn enough to keep food in my son’s tummy and a roof over our heads. Yet I want more….I’ve been gliding along on the efforts I put into my business the past four years. And it’s not enough for me.

I know I need to dance with a better partner. In the intermediate class. Become even better.

Soon I’ll be working with a business coach. Someone to hold me accountable and push me to do the things that have only, to date, been written on my “idea” list.

What does 2013 hold for me? I have no idea. Except I know I’ll be becoming better…for me and my clients.

My question to you is this…do you want to glide along or become better? If you want to become better you need to jump into the intermediate class.