I’ve been working with a LOA coach for several weeks now. During our call two weeks ago she asked what I do for self-care…HUH? Take time for me? Really? Do people do that?

It was a simple assignment, I only had to buy myself flowers. I forgot.

Last week I had to admit I had forgotten but I swore I’d buy them for myself. I even told a friend, during a phone call this past weekend, that I was assigned to buy myself flowers and I swore I was going to do it right after I donated blood.

I forgot. Again.

Today’s call (do you see where this is going?) Yep, had to admit to Kat that I forgot the flowers again.

I think she had it in for me as I got more “serious” assignments this week (just kidding, Kat, I know you don’t have it in for me!). One of them is to “pause” and take time for myself. Believe it or not I actually asked her, “How long does it have to be?” (I won’t hold it against you if you happen to be laughing or rolling your eyes at me.)

Today was just “one” of those days. It was a great day but at 6 p.m. I realize I have hours worth of work I want to wrap up today and I’m mentally exhausted.

So what did I do? I stopped. Paused. Took a shower.

Took a shower?

You heard me right. I stopped working and took a shower. When Jordan was a baby he was colicky and cried way too often for this “new” mom. I had joked around with his pediatrician that the only time I got time for myself was when I took a shower. During those 10-15 minutes it was “all about me” and I couldn’t hear his cries. There were days I would take two showers — so I managed to sneak in a total of 30 minutes for myself.

Odd as it may sound – taking a shower is one of my most favorite things to do. It’s my time. Time that allows me to soak in one of my favorite natural elements – water.

Kat will be proud of me. I feel proud of me. I stopped. Paused. Took time for me today.

What do you do for your “me” time? How do you refresh your mind and soul?