Marty and Misty with PodJamTV had me back as a guest on their Inspiring Connections show. We spoke for about 30 minutes about how small businesses can benefit from virtual bookkeepers, some tips and tricks on how to legally reduce taxes, and tools that can be used to make the record keeping less painful.

You’ll benefit from watching this video if:

  • you are a small business owner
  • considering outsourcing your bookkeeping to a virtual assistant
  • ideas on how to organize your data for tax time
  • tools and resources (some free) which assist with record keeping
  • ways you can legally reduce your tax liability
  • you love me, Marty and Misty
  • want to count the number of times I say “like” (argh!)
In all seriousness, you’ll walk away with some good nuggets which will help you with your small business bookkeeping.
PS: My first interview with PodJamTV – The World of Virtual Assistants, if you missed it.