Recently, I’ve been reading Simple Money Magazine. Its articles take a straightforward approach to managing finances.

It’s not an investing guide and isn’t focused on the latest buzzwords of the personal-finance sector. Instead, it’s full of common-sense, but sometimes surprising, articles on managing money.

You might not find Warren Buffet here, but you will find great down-to-earth advice for real families.

Simple Money Magazine is a quarterly, digital publication aiming to provide “simple, practical financial advice for the modern family.”

It’s ad-free, reader-focused, and features expert contributors writing practical, helpful content for the modern American family. Each article is chosen, not because of click-baity headlines, but because it contains information that regular people can actually benefit from.

Every issue of Simple Money Magazine features 8-10 contributors in the field, each addressing common financial needs of the family.

In the first issue, (which by the way, you can read for free,) writers cover everything from how to have a happy money relationship, common money mistakes smart people make, getting out of debt as a couple, and more.

And to my knowledge, it’s the only financial publication to offer a $ 20-lifetime subscription. That’s pretty hard to beat.

They’re currently running a buy one-lifetime subscription, gift a lifetime subscription, though the end of October 2018.

You can read more about Simple Money Magazine, and grab the first issue for free, here.