You’ve heard about SEO….

…..and you know it has a drastic impact on your website being found among the millions and millions of websites in cyberspace.

Rewind for Thrive Business Accounting

Prior to late October 2009 I “knew” it was important but didn’t pay much attention. Then I wrote a post “How to Add Twitter Link to Your Email Signature” – somehow, accidentally, I hit upon the “magical” combination of a highly searched keyword phrase.

Shortly after the post was published I began to notice a spike in website traffic and it all lead back to that particular post. A short visit to Google with what I saw on my Google Analytics report revealed I had 9 of the Top 10 spots in Google.

Needless to say I was incredibly delighted as I had never paid any attention to keywords, keyword research, SEO, etc. but suddenly I wanted to learn as much as I could so I could duplicate my results in future posts.

The accidental post that landed me all over the entire front page of Google search results instantly made me a convert. SEO is essential to being found!

Had I had the opportunity to attend a three series webinar for a measly $77 I would have jumped on it – it would have saved me countless hours of reading and research.

Drum roll please for this special SEO webinar series…..

Thinking Bigger Business Media, V3 Integrated Media, Redhead Writing and seOverFlow have joined together to offer a three part Search Engine Optimization webinar series at a ridiculously low price of only $77!

Improve your Web site, grow your business, maximize local search and learn how to enhance your blog content (or get started blogging the right way) by using SEO best practices.

Starting on December 7th. Learn more and register by clicking here. Special Offer for my readers: Enter the code: sk4568 to save 10%.

PS: Over a year later my website still gets an average of 600 visits per week due to the post mentioned above.