Now you can send private voicemail on Twitter

This is totally awesome! Now you can send a voicemail to a friend on Twitter without even having their phone number.

The video below shows how to leave a voicemail for another Twitter user


  • Sign into
  • Make sure you enter/update your telephone number as that is how they call you in order for you to leave the voicemail for your Twitter friend
  • Enter in the Twitter user name (apparently the @ sign is not necessary)
  • PocketsApp calls you – you record the voicemail
  • PocketsApp then turns around and sends an @ reply to the person you sent the voicemail to

What I think is fun about this is for people who we all know we will never get on Skype and will probably never talk to via cell phone (geographical constraints, etc.) this is a fun, great way for them to be able to hear your voice!

What are your thoughts? Does this redefine or augment social networking?

P.S. This isn’t totally new – apparently it’s been around for a few months now