Save Money on BillsIt’s easy to save money on your bills

I first learned about BillCutterz in early 2014 when I read Less Doing, More Living. (I highly recommend this book!) The first time I had them negotiate my bills they saved me a total of $464.76 on my Comcast and Verizon Wireless accounts. To date they’ve saved me $878.76.

Want to know just how easy it is to have them negotiate your bills?

  • Gather up your regular bills (Internet, Cable, Phone, Home Security, etc.) **Productivity Tip: Gathering up your PDF statements will be much easier if you’re using FileThis
  • Visit their site, create an account and send them your bills
  • They assign an expertly trained negotiator to your account who will reach out to you
  • The negotiator will conference call you in with the provider so you can give your authorization for them to negotiate on your behalf (you can hang up as soon as you’ve given your authorization)
  • BillCutterz will send you an email outlining the savings they secured for you, including the length of time it applies to your account

How much will this cost you?

  • Only 50% of whatever savings they negotiate for you. No savings. No money due.
  • If you pay their invoice in full they will give you 10% off.

Example: recently BillCutterz saved me $14.50/month for 12 months on my Time Warner Cable bill. My savings is $174 ($14.50 x 12 months). BillCutterz gets $87 of the savings. I opted for the “pay in full” option so they took $8.70 off and I only had to pay them $78.30.

My favorite thing? 

BillCutterz will automatically follow-up with me when the negotiated savings expire and, with my ok, will try to negotiate another savings. It’s because of their follow-up that I’ve saved $878.76 since working together with them!

What are you waiting for? Get started now!