Although I have an e-fax account I find it somewhat cumbersome to print a document I receive, scan it and then email (or fax) it back to the other party. Over the past few years I have received documents via EchoSign but didn’t realize until somewhat recently that they have a free account option with five free signatures per month. Since it’s not often I need to sign and return a document that is more than enough for me.

EchoSign came onto my radar for a different reason in January when I sent (an unsigned) copy of my W9 to one of my clients and he emailed back asking, “Don’t you need to sign this?” Technically, yes! Knowing that items I scan rarely print properly I knew I had to find a different way to return the W9 to him with my signature. (light bulb moment!)

Lo and behold I discovered that EchoSign has the option for you to send a document that only you sign (here all this time I was thinking it was only used with documents that needed a signature from two parties).

Item #3 in the screenshot is the option you want to chose if you are sending a document, such as a W9, that only you sign. If the document is something you will send often upload the document to your library (or connect with Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, etc) to save yourself some time.

“Signing” your document is as easy as dragging and dropping their signature box into the appropriate spot on your document. Once the signature box is placed and prior to sending the document signing is completed with just a click of your mouse.

All signed and sent documents are archived within your account for easy reference later.

I’m not sure it gets much easier than this for signing and zipping documents off to clients, doctors, etc. It’s fast, cost-effective, doesn’t waste paper and other resources. A true winner in my opinion.

How do you use EchoSign?

(Note: If you connect your Twitter account to EchoSign they will give you an extra five signatures per month)