Reduce Browser Clutter with OneTabEver have those days where you have 312 separate browser tabs open? That’s just called a Monday for me! Whether that’s a daily struggle for you or not, I would venture to say that there are several sites you visit every day. They might include Gmail, Facebook, or maybe a site full of silly cat memes. Hey, no judgment here. Either way, OneTab can bring order to Chrome or Firefox with just one click.

OneTab has two main purposes:

  • One-time use: To condense all open tabs into, well, one tab (hey, that’s the name!)
  • Future Use: To save a specific set of tabs for you to access later

You can get the Firefox add-on here and the Chrome extension here.

This video will walk you through just how easy it is to use:

Here are some “one-time use” ideas:

  • Trip planning
  • Comparison price shopping
  • Searching through recipes
  • Deal hunting on eBay

Here are some “future use” ideas for specific groups:

  • Banking
  • Social Media
  • Client specific
  • Multiple email accounts

Thrive Business Accounting Tips:

  • If you’re a bit OCD like me, you have a set order for your tabs, so you’ll be glad to know you can easily drag and drop to reorder within OneTab groups
  • Set OneTab as the default page to open when the browser is launched (Under Options)
  • Easily share your pages with anyone using the “share as web page” option
  • Lock the “future use” groups for easy regular access

Say hello to less clutter and fewer distractions!  And, according to OneTab, this can help save up to 95% of memory because there are fewer tabs open. That’s computer memory, to be clear. Sadly, it won’t help your own memory—but it will save your sanity, and that’s something, right?

What other future use groups will you set up with OneTab?