There is a new trend in the horizons of real estate management that has been blooming in the past years. It’s called virtual assistance.  The name “virtual” alone means that a Realtor will have someone working for his or her office through the internet. Virtual assistants, who are not in the office and will work as part of the team to assist with every possible task or position that a Realtor may have.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants can alleviate a Realtor’s work load so he or she can focus on their business by taking care of daily tasks such as:

  • Buyer Broker & Real Estate Owned Reports – manage the assignment to submission to the bank.
  • HOA / Utilities  –  research and collect all information that is necessary to update the bank.
  • Property Preservation – Research and collect all information that is necessary to update the bank.  Communicate with contractors to provide safety and security of the bank’s asset.
  • Accounting  – Reimbursements can be a hassle with all all the changing policies.
  • Marketing – Assist with registrations so you can start receiving work based on your area and credentials.  Can also assist with FSBOs, tax searches, and mailers, etc.
  • Transaction Coordinator – Assist with all tasks from Bank assignment to closing.

The use of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services such as Pam’s VAS you will get a team of professionally trained assistants who can handle all necessary tasks or position that you need. The use of a real estate virtual assistants  can make the life of a Realtor easier.  The Realtor can focus more on clients and showings and not worry about all the mundane day to day paper work.

Not only can Real Estate Virtual Assistants help you be more productive and achieve your goals, they can save you money thus generating you more income!   What are some ways a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can save you money:

  • You won’t need any additional office space or equipment.
  • You won’t need to pay employee benefits.
  • Virtual Assistants can work on weekends.
  • Virtual Assistants are experts in their field which will increase efficiency and productivity.

In the world of a fast pace Real Estate industry, vast technology and the demands of time and outputs, Realtors are faced with the challenge to keep up in order to make it in the industry.  Why do it all when there are people who are willing to do it for the Realtor’s behalf. The helping hands are just one call or click away! Make your life and business more efficient today!

About Pam:

I have over 25 years REO experience; 13 years as a REO Asset Manager for 2 major banking firms, 8 years in private real estate offices as an REO Office Manager, and over 4 years as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.  I have worked with many banks and service providers who process REO properties and through these relationships I am able to identify viable opportunities for various client types in the same fields.   I also have an extensive financial background having served as a Conveyancer, Settlement Coordinator, Note Sales Administrator, Consumer Lending Officer, Credit Risk Management and Workouts Loans AVP.   On the technical front, I have experience in Information Technology and committed to finding innovative ways to use automation to make working with the team an effortless task.

Currently as a Virtual Assistant Business Owner, I have contractors that I placed into teams so we are able to assist every possible task/position that a Realtor may have:  BPOs, Property Preservation, Accounting, HOA, Utilities, Marketing.  I have found this to be the most joyful and rewarding position that I have held.  I work with the best in their fields and face the challenges head on together with all.

On a personal level, I am constantly learning and studying the real estate field.  I have taken numerous courses through Bucks County Community College and the American Institute of Banking.  Have received many honors and bonuses throughout my working history for exceptional work ethic; both locally and nationally.  I hail from Levittown, PA in Bucks County area and am a proud wife & mom.

You can visit Pam’s website here, connect on Facebook, follow on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn, follow on Pinterest,  or circle on Google Plus.

Photo Credit: Photoexpress user Karl-Heinz Strüdel