Depositphotos_3728728_xsDear Leslie (Kellie) Rogers,

I’m writing this note to you here, on my business blog, because I have no other way of contacting you.

According to the law you shouldn’t even be visiting my website and blog. But we all know you have been on my site as recently as this past Friday, Oct. 31, 2014. So let’s call a spade a spade. You’re here, you’re reading this. Please absorb it.

I want to make it crystal clear that I’ve not run this post past my attorney and I’m sure there are people who would advise me against taking such drastic steps. However, truth be told, maybe I need to “go drastic” with you. Experts suggest that ignoring you will cause you to lose interest in me and move on. However, ignoring you hasn’t proven to be successful over the past 16 months.

I have a lot of things I’d like to say and an endless list of questions but I’m going to stick with what seems most important. What appears to be most important to you right now is the alleged photo copyright violation.

Let’s stick with the actual facts vs. your distorted truth:

  • My blog post did NOT state that my attorney gave me permission to use the photo of you. It stated that I asked my attorney if I could WRITE about my experience. There should be no complaint against my attorney.
  • I’m honest in the post about how I obtained the photo. From three of the FAKE Facebook accounts you set up. I never tried to hide behind a fake name/persona. I’ve never lied or twisted the truth.

Moving onto your behaviors ……. You’ve been nothing but deceitful and malicious. 

  • Of importance: there were multiple images on these particular three mentioned Facebook accounts that did not belong to you. At least one image was of a young boy you actually stole from a true photographer (both the photographer and the mother of the child removed the images from their websites after I alerted them).  Not only did you use someone else’s image, you were trying to pass this child off as your own.
  • You’ve created multiple social media accounts in my name and used my images in the creation of them. You then contacted clients and colleagues from these fake accounts and sent them morphed pornographic images which you obtained off of the Internet and altered to add my face to them.
  • Many of the fake social accounts you’ve set up have used various copyrighted images from the Internet.
  • I’ve not seen any correspondence you’ve had directly with the various social networks, however, I feel confident in saying that just because they removed the image does not admit guilt on their behalf NOR does it imply I am guilty. I do not believe I’m guilty of any copyright violation. 
  • What do “Will” and his employer have to do with MY DECISION to use a photo of you on a blog post about my experience with you relentlessly harassing me? I most certainly did not ask their opinion or permission prior to writing the post.

I have just two questions for you:

  • If I remove the photo from the blog post here on YVA, the other website and G+ will you leave me and my friends alone? Forever? This includes ANYONE with any association to me. My attorney, “Will”, as well as anyone and everyone I regularly converse with on social media networks. It includes my clients and all other business associations as well. Any removal should not be interpreted as admission of guilt on my behalf. It’s simply an attempt to give you what it appears you want so you can leave me and my friends alone. Basically I do something for you, you do something for me. It’s as simple as that.
  • What do you really want from me? Why are you so fixated on me? These are questions which have been nagging me since you became laser-focused on me in June 2013. Maybe it’s jealousy. Maybe it’s a power trip. Maybe it’s one or more mental health disorders preventing you from realizing I am a person with feelings. I never, ever did anything towards, or to, you which would warrant this unsolicited and disturbing harassment. I believe, without a doubt, you’re getting a very real psychological reward.

I don’t know what you want from me and I truly wish I did.  I’m very serious when I say, if it’s something I have the power to give you….I will do so. But somehow I don’t think it’s that easy. Maybe you don’t even really know what it is you want with me or why you’re so hell-bent on destroying my life and business.

Take note: I’m one hell of a resilient woman and I’ve encountered worse “shit” in my life than this continued and on-going harassment. You just happen to be the most baffling and persistent.

You have Sophie and Josie who undoubtedly love you and I’m sure you’re quite caring towards them. There are so many better ways for you to spend your time. You could spend your time developing true friendships and romances or taking up new hobbies. Why not spend these countless hours doing something constructive vs. destructive?

With compassion,


Michelle Mangen