149575_453692471351057_1457246332_aI’ve been using PaySimple as my merchant service provider (aka: to collect credit card payments from clients) since Feb. 2013. I fell in love with them immediately upon signing up because of my support rep (Lindsey A). She’s had endless patience for all of the questions I’ve asked as I tried every feature available.

NOTE: in the event you stop reading before getting to the end of this post I want you to know you can get 50% off PaySimple for six months if you sign up before July 4th. And if you use referral code: YVA1 they will be able to track you back to me. (which I’d really appreciate)

The PaySimple Features I Love:

  • Web-based login so I can access it from any computer in the world (not that I’m traveling the world, but if I were!) 
  • Ability to customize/brand the invoices I send to my clients
  • My clients can pay their invoices via credit card OR I can manually process their payment (if they’ve provided me with their credit card number)
  • Have a recurring payment you want to collect from a client? Easy peasy to set up!
  • Email notifications/reminders to clients: e.g. your payment has processed successfully, your payment failed, reminder your card will be charged in one day (you can edit the number of days for the reminders), your payment is past due, etc. All of these email notifications can be edited so they are in your words.
  • Payment buttons that can be used on your website (not the best if you have a digital product to sell, better for service based products)
  • At a glance status update of payments received and outstanding when you log into the dashboard

PaySimple Features I Don’t Use:

  • They have an option so customers can pay you via ACH (I do not have a need for it so I don’t use it)
  • The ability to accept AMEX (I don’t have a need for it so I didn’t go through that approval process)
  • There are probably other features I don’t use just because I don’t know they exist

If you read my prior post on Stripe you may be wondering why I am using PaySimple instead of Stripe (because I do also really like Stripe).