Virtual Assistant/Community Manager Job

Personal Finance and Business Coach is looking to hire a part-time Virtual Assistant/Community Manager that has the ability to:

1. Help with email marketing campaigns and book promotion

2. Manage and engage with Pinterest and Instagram communities

3. Manage blog and daily tasks

4. Research and work with graphic designers, etc.

Budget: $400/month

Application Deadline: April 17, 2015.

US and Canada only

They are looking for someone who is friendly and outgoing, takes initiative/self-starter, great with follow-up and is willing to work on a virtual team.

If this is you…..continue on!

If interested, apply here.


Have you checked out these virtual assistant resources? There are a lot of free or low-cost tools, ideas, etc. you can use in your business.

The Fine Print:

I provide this service on a referral fee-based system. If a client I’ve referred contracts with you, my referral agreement requires just 10% of your gross revenue, and only for the first 90 days you work with that client. This small referral fee is simply a courtesy to cover the significant amount of time and resources required to maintain this list and filter potential leads and VAs – not to mention the reputation I’ve worked hard to build; which is the very reason I receive so many leads each month. (Before you reply to this lead, please take a look at the portion of the contract that spells out my referral terms and fees.)