If you aren’t following @AVPPodcast I suggest you do so – Darlene is an amazing woman with a warm voice and a passion realized in assisting small business owners to understand how a Virtual Assistant can help them.

In pursuing that she also interviews some of the greatest Virtual Assistants out there to get their ideas and tips – tips that not only help the small business owner that may be considering partnering with a Virtual Assistant but also for the VA’s who are looking for insight from their peers.

In my interview with Darlene we discussed a number of things:

  • Leveraging YOUR Power through Twitter – an ebook that is the result of true collaboration with myself, @VAinParadise, @AceConcierge and @MarsVA
  • Do’s and don’ts when engaging in Social Media
  • Excel (that is my “baby” after all)
  • Re-evaluating services offered and why I chose to discontinue Property Management services and move to becoming more known as a Social Media Virtual Assistant
  • How I’ve gotten to where I am now on Twitter…the secret isn’t really a secret and anyone can achieve the same results I have experienced

A special thank you to Darlene Victoria for the opportunity to be interviewed for the show and to the Virtual Assistant forums for sponsoring the podcast.

You can listen to the interview and review show notes here.

Photo credit: yoshiaka