Guest Post from Alicia Jay

I have an interesting profession that tends to get people’s attention during conversation. I work from home, set my own hours, choose my clients and I’m privy to all kinds of information from celebrity fitness guru products to international news-making headlines.

I often come across people who are very interested in what I do for a living, want to know how to do that for a living but most importantly ask, “Who hires you to do that?”

I’m a virtual assistant who specializes in general transcription. In simple terms, clients give me an audio or video file that they’ve recorded. I listen and type what I hear. I also clean it up, fix the sentence structure, remove the half-finished sentences and turn it into an easy-to-read document. They take my document and use it for things such as blog posts, articles, ebooks & in-print books, physical products and free reports. The sky is the limit when you repurpose your content!

Let’s get back to who needs this kind of work. The beauty of general transcription is that it opens you up to a wider client base versus medical or legal transcription. Here is a brief list of people who need this service and what they do with it.

  • Journalists- record interviews and use transcripts to write articles
  • Speakers- record their speeches and use transcripts to create books
  • Researchers- record interviews and use transcripts to write research papers
  • Internet marketers- record videos and use transcripts to create a product
  • Life/business coaches- record group coaching calls and use transcripts to create products

As you can see, the list of potential clients varies—and is never-ending. General transcription is a great skill to add to an already-existing virtual assistant business or to be used to start up a freelance transcription business. Stay tuned for the next post where I cover the skills you need to succeed in this industry so that those clients will be coming back for more!


Alicia Jay is the owner of Transcription e-Services where she helps service-based business owners leverage their audio and video content with general transcription, saving them time and allowing them to make more money. She quickly gained the trust and respect of her clients and created a training program to teach others the skill of general transcription. Join her for a fun, tell-all webinar where she and other transcriptionists will let you in on what it’s really like from their side of the keyboard!