About a month ago I had to wipe my hard drive. Even though I had an up-to-date anti-virus program installed somehow a nasty virus got past it and infected my machine. With it’s nasty little processes it even changed my administrative settings so there was no way to erase it from the hard drive.

After four days of making sure all my data was backed up on Carbonite (the best $60 you will ever spend for remote backup services) I found it quite easy to wipe the hard drive. However, something has never been quite “right” on my machine since then.

I’ve had one computer tech ($75/hr) look at it and he’s been unable to figure it out. Another friend referred a different tech to me but he charges $150/hr. I recalled a friend of mine (@StacyKinney) telling me about the Magic Flash Drive. After reading through the FAQ on the device and the information on the website I was excited to order this item.

Here are the details from their website and all of this for only $147.94 (my cost with 5% WI State Sales Tax and shipping):

1 Year Subscription Where We Fix Your PC for You Online in Real Time
Your very own Fortune 500 Computer Help Desk

1 Flash Drive and 1 Year subscription included with purchase

  • ‘One’ click solution to Live U.S. based computer technicians
  • ‘One’ year membership to Remote Restore – Where We Fix your PC for You Online in Real Time
  • It’s your very own Fortune 500 IT Department
  • Unlimited online computer support
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Up to 12 GB of online data backup FREE!
  • Access to our Free Software resource library valued at over $3,200
  • Pre-loaded utilities that help fix computers without an internet connection
  • Just call or log on to Remote Restore and we fix it for you
  • It’s like having a tool box with everything you need inside

The most innovative computer support solution of 2009 is now available in an earth friendly bamboo style packaging.

At this time, Magic Flash Drive is for use with PC’s only. (click: Live Green, Shop Green, Earn Green in upper right hand corner>>then click: Green Exchange a la carte shopping>>scroll down until you see Magic Flash Drive)

According to the site it takes two to four weeks to arrive but once it does I will write another blog post to let you know how well it works and if they fix this mysterious issue I have with my computer.

Have you or someone you know used this Magic Flash Drive? If so, what type of reviews would they give it?