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It’s Almost Time For the Celebrate You! MACs Women’s Entrepreneur Summit! Are you ready?

Each year the “Celebrate You!” MACs Women’s Group enlists successful women business owners and thought leaders to share their experience and expertise across learning platforms such as keynotes, workshops and intimate dialogues. After months of reviewing speaker submissions for our 4th Annual summit, the planning team has designed a program that is sure to inspire and motivate you to “Dare To Prosper” (2013 theme).

Meet The Wealth Building Diva

Attorney Teresa R. Martin

Founder, Generational Wealth Zone, Founder/Counsel, Real Estate Investors Association of NYC & Owner, Law Offices of Teresa R. Martin, P.C.

Teresa R. Martin has been mentoring and educating hundreds of individuals, couples, families and businesses on how to find financial peace through personal coaching and financial wellness seminars that focus on building and implementing a practical financial plan.  Teresa’s focus is on personal development and how the pursuit of financial freedom provides a transformational path to personal fulfillment.

Presentation: BizSmart: Credit Reporting & Your Small Business

This workshop provides an overview of credit reporting and is designed to help participants to understand how reporting their credit can benefit their business.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to…

  • Explain the concept of credit reporting and the impact of credit reports on the operation or growth of a small business.
  • Identify the credit reports and other reporting systems commonly used to assess the risk of extending credit to a small business.
  • Identify risks to a business from credit-related scams or frauds and take steps to avoid or mitigate harm caused by them.
  • Identify strategies for building or improving business credit.
  • Explain how the personal finances of a business owner impact the ability of a business to get credit.

BUILD a positive credit history, get your business on SOLID ground and STRENGTHEN the foundation of your business.

Take the Dare to Prosper!