Is your blog connected to your LinkedIn Profile?

Several weeks ago I visited the LinkedIn profile of a new contact. I was delighted to see that somehow she had linked her WordPress blog into her profile and I quickly set out to figure out how to do the same.

When you are logged into your account on the left sidebar you will see “Applications”. Click on this link and you will be shown the various applications you can install onto your profile. There are two different applications for pulling in your Blog.

  1. The first is strictly for WordPress – this is the one I installed. It’s very self-explanatory.
  2. The second is BlogLink and according to their detail page it supports all blogging platforms. Since I use the WordPress one I have no idea how easy the install is of this particular one.

In either case both services will automatically update your profile with your latest blog posts.

A very easy way to automatically share your posts with new, old and potential new connections.

If you use BlogLink will you let me know how easy it is to implement?

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