I know some people who share every detail about their personal lives on social media. For those peeps, online privacy is not a big deal. For the rest of us though, there is a certain degree of privacy that is still important to us. Each person has their own threshold for what they are willing to share online.

In my opinion, it’s no longer acceptable to blame social media sites for our lack of privacy. We each have to take responsibility for what we share online. My personal rule of thumb is that if I share it, even to a limited audience, I have to assume that everyone will see it. If I don’t want the whole world to see it, I don’t post it. To me, any other way of looking at it is risky.

It’s not always common sense to know what is okay to share online and what isn’t. I read a very good article today called 6 Things You Shouldn’t Post To Social Media If You Care About Privacy. I recommend reading that post if you are unsure about what to avoid posting on social media.

As we all know, Facebook has been a big problem for a lot of people when it comes to privacy. This infographic called How To Stay Safe On Facebook by WhoIsHostingThis is full of important tips regarding your privacy on that particular site.

The interesting thing to me is that so few people really look into their privacy settings on any social media site, and yet many times, those are the same people who complain about their lack of online privacy.

Here in the States, people used to trust their medical doctors implicitly. Over the past several years, we’ve learned the importance of taking responsibility for our own health, and we don’t depend on someone else to make our health a priority. Online privacy is very similar.

With so many social sites now, it’s no longer enough to just cross our fingers and hope that our personal information will be safe. We have to take a proactive role and take responsibility for keeping ourselves safe. If we don’t do it, nobody else will.

I think this is especially difficult to teach children. We tell them not to talk to strangers, yet they see us tweet people we don’t know every day. The line between what is safe and what isn’t safe can get blurry sometimes. Hopefully the basic tips in this useful infographic will help.

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This article was written by Diana Adams and published originally on PodJam.Tv Blog