Do you use any cloud-based software? (If you’re rolling your eyes at me, I get it! But you know what they say about assuming, right?)

So (assuming) you do indeed use some cloud-based software, then you know that just as soon as you’re familiar with the current layout, colors and navigation…the company goes and changes things! And then it takes us–well, most of us– another few times using it to get re-accustomed to things. And then? They change it again! (Groundhog’s Day, anyone?)

Well, QuickBooks Online is no different. In fact, I’m betting this post will be obsolete by the time it publishes! (I’m only sorta kidding…)

Business owners who outsource their bookkeeping and accounting need to grant their accountant access to QuickBooks Online. Note that the super special “Accountant” access is slightly different than a regular user and allows access to special features that aren’t granted to the typical user.

How to Invite Your Accountant to QuickBooks Online

You’ll find video instructions at the end of the post.

How to Invite Your Accountant to your QuickBooks Online account Click to Tweet

TBA Tip: Sending the invite through Chrome often fails. Firefox is best.

Step One: Click on the cog icon in the upper right corner and go to “Manage Users”

Add User in QuickBooks Online Under Settings

Step Two: Click on “Accountants” and then click on the green “Invite Accountant Button”

Invite Accountant User to QuickBooks Online

Step Three: Enter in the first and last names, the email address and then save (lower right corner)

Manage Users in QuickBooks Online

You’re done! Once your bookkeeper accepts the invitation, they will be able to work in your books.

PS: You’d follow these same steps if you wanted to also grant your tax preparer access.

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Video Instructions