NEW End and NEW North Event interview with @DebSoul

@DebSoul and @Kalalea are two of my favorite friends on Twitter.

Recently I attended the NEW End and NEW North event in Green Bay and did a brief interview with @DebSoul on the use of hashtags which are an easy way to:

  1. Filter conversation during a live event on Twitter
  2. Find like-minded people that you may not have already connected with on Twitter after an event

@mmangen – Twitter Goddess from Mark Gehrke on Vimeo.

If you are attending a live or virtual event on Twitter using a hashtag and want to filter your stream these are two great programs to use:

Later in the day @Kalalea was one of the panelists on the Social Media panel that discussed a number of different things, opinions and methods to using Twitter as a social media marketing platform for your small business.

Personally, my Virtual Assistant business has grown in ways that I would have never imagined because of Twitter.

If you are looking on ways to grow your internet presence but do not have the knowledge or the time to dedicate to doing so contact me today to schedule an appointment to discuss the strategy that is best suited for your small business.