How to move data in Excel from Rows to Columns

A great question came to me today from @SupportMyOffice (Thanks, Jennifer, for making me smarter today!)

Question: I have a bunch of data in one row in Excel and I want to move that data into one column. Is there a one step way to do it?

My first answer: I don’t know! With a  quick Google search and I found how to do it – thus this blog post and video

  • Highlight the entire row in Excel (Shortcut Tip: click the gray box where the Row Number is displayed)
  • Right Click and select “Copy”
  • Click in the cell where you want the data to start
  • Right click and select “Paste Special”
  • Click “Transpose”

Voila – you now will have your Excel data going down the column instead of in the row

This also works for the reverse when you have data in a column in Excel but you want it to go into a row.