Creating a Page in WordPress with No Sidebars

These instructions and accompanying video are specific to Thesis. <—–yes, it is an affiliate link!

Each theme has different restrictions so these instructions may or may not work for your theme.

The alternative to this would be wanting to only display certain widgets or sidebar items on specific posts or pages. The best tool I’ve found for doing this is to download and install the Section Widget.

I discuss two different options and uses for the Section Widget in: Section Widget PlugIn: Post 1 of 2 and Section Widget PlugIn Review: Post 2 of 2 though to create just one page with no sidebars using this would be somewhat time intensive it does at least offer you an alternative option.

To Create a new WordPress page with no sidebars (from your dashboard):

  1. Pages>Add New
  2. On the right hand side if you scroll down about 1/2 way you will see “Default Template” >>From the drop down box chose “No Sidebars”
  3. Create your new page and voila you have no sidebars

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