Virtual AssistantIn recent years, the change in the economy has brought an influx of freelancers and entrepreneurs to the business world. While some have an understanding of how to market themselves within their industry, most do not have proper internet marketing training (or have even taken a single online marketing course). While publishing and updating a website for your business might seem like an obvious component of a marketing strategy, some do not understand the critical need for this element of their freelance business.

Whether a website is not typically utilized in your particular industry or you just don’t have an understanding of how to get a website up and running, you must take this vital step in order for your freelance business to survive. Though there are several reasons to create a website for your freelance business, the top five include:

1. Plain and Simple: Credibility
A visually appealing website with interesting content and easy navigation gives both you and your business credibility. Whether you are the only employee or have a staff of 25 people working for you, a polished, well-designed website tells potential customers that your business is legitimate.

2. 24/7 Information
Fact: when seeking information about a product, business or service, most consumers first turn to the internet to search for information. You’ll want your company’s information readily available; include details such as hours of operation, services provided and contact information.

3. 24/7 Sales
Imagine a prospective customer searching the internet at 2:00 a.m., looking for the exact product or service you provide. Your website acts as a 24/7 sales tool, representing you when you aren’t available to pitch to a customer. With a great website, customers have the opportunity to review your business and services from anywhere in the world. A well-executed, professionally-designed website can help close a deal, even if you’re thousands of miles away or unavailable for consultation.

4. More Cost Effective
The operating costs of opening a brick-and-mortar store vs. registering a domain name and hosting a website are vastly different. Clearly, running a website is much more economical than having a store that requires a lease, electrical, water, furnishings and numerous other costs. Plus, you can literally open your business online in a matter of hours.

5. Lead Generator
Through online inquiries and backend data, you have the ability to collect an abundance of potential leads. Also, based on the people that search for and click on your website, you can carefully craft your SEO keywords to reflect the market and guide others to your business.

Finding clients is hard enough; don’t make it harder on yourself by not having a high-quality, organized website for your business. If you don’t, you could be missing out on sales and networking opportunities that could bring greater awareness to your freelance services.

This guest post was provided by University Alliance and submitted on behalf of University of San Francisco. USF offers training in social media, search engine marketing, email marketing and other online marketing courses. To learn more about USF’s certificate programs visit